The most important thing is how to install the sighting material on the kitchen ceiling

Aluminum buckle ceiling:

Compared with traditional ceiling materials, aluminum buckle ceiling has many advantages. Bright color, strong texture, this is the characteristics of aluminum buckle ceiling. Aluminum buckle plate is divided into two kinds of decorative plates and sound-absorbing plates, and their characteristics are also different. Decorative panels, as the name implies, pay special attention to the decorative beauty, so the lines are smoother and more succinct, the colors are also rich, and the gloss and brightness are very bright. Compared with decorative panels, sound-absorbing panels pay more attention to the improvement of functions, and have complete functions such as waterproof, fireproof, antiseptic, and shockproof.

Aluminum composite panel ceiling:

Aluminium-plastic panel ceilings are made of aluminum materials and plastics. Compared with sound-absorbing panels, it is also more functional and waterproof. It also protects against corrosion, which is missing in sound-absorbing panels.

Pvc plastic buckle ceiling:

Pvc plastic buckle ceiling is the cheapest ceiling in three materials ceiling. The lower cost, easier installation, which is its advantage, but it is also easily damaged. Low-cost pvc plastic gussets are water-resistant and scrub-resistant, which is a very good advantage. At the same time, they also have certain sound insulation and heat insulation functions, but their service life is short. Many experts are seeking solutions.

Through the comparison of these three kinds of ceiling materials, we can choose a suitable ceiling material according to their own needs and the characteristics of three different ceiling materials.

Kitchen ceiling kitchen decoration ceiling decoration

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