Speed ​​skaters will implement anti-cut competition suits

“This year our clothing has changed. Nike has not renewed the contract. We have changed one. Relatively speaking, the materials will be thinner.” Li Yan said, but she later stated that even if the Nike material is a little thicker, it still faces the skate. Powerless. “The development of apparel needs to be written into the IUS Constitution” is what the team desperately wants to see.

"In fact, in foreign competitions, there are also developments. In the low-level US competition, two children collided, but they did not cut off arteries and they did not bleed. They may not attract everyone's attention." Zhai said that it is understood that the team’s costumes must be provided by several suppliers stipulated by the ISU, and they produce garments in accordance with the provisions of the ISU.

In view of the high risk of short-track speed skating, the ISU has already stipulated in its statutes since July 1, 2003 that all athletes must wear cut-resistant suits to protect their safety. Specifically, it includes short-track speed skating safety helmets, cut-resistant gloves or leather-made mittens, leggings made of cut-resistant and durable materials, safety competition clothing, long-sleeved trousers and jumpsuits, and The cushioned hard shell knee protects the neck of the neck artery. At the same time, the ice skates of all participating athletes must be closed. The root must be rounded and the minimum radius is 10 mm. There are at least two points of the knife tube fixed on the shoe, there is no moving part.

However, such cut-resistant suits still missed some parts. “Because the ISU has no requirements for belly and other positions, there is no such design.” Li Yu said that this time, Han Jialiang’s injuries were also in the abdomen. Unprotected places such as arms and wrists.

"After this incident, we will certainly recommend that the International Federation of Swidders make changes to the requirements of designated apparel manufacturers. After all, it is the most important to ensure the lives of athletes." Li Wei said. According to Lan Li, deputy director of the Winter Tube Center, the ISU will also conduct material forensics, discussions and all aspects, and it will take time for the body-cut clothing to be used in the competition.

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