China's PV evades double opposition or faces compensation and criminal penalties

Abstract On October 10, 2012, the United States imposed a “double-reverse” tariff on solar cells and components imported from China. After more than a year, the US subsidiary of the German Solarworld Group went to the US on the last day of 2013...
On October 10, 2012, the United States imposed a “double-reverse” tariff on solar cells and components imported from China. After more than a year, the US subsidiary of the German Solarworld Group submitted a complaint to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) and the US Department of Commerce on the last day of 2013 to compensate for the double-reflex rate loopholes, requiring tax on solar cells in Taiwan. Why is that?

The root of the matter is also to start from the US tax on Chinese PV products. The reason for the US taxation of photovoltaic cells in China is that the competitiveness of China is making the US companies difficult. Therefore, in order to protect American companies, Chinese companies must be taxed. The US Photovoltaic Manufacturing Alliance (CASM) supports the taxation of Chinese PV products, which means it can create more jobs for the US. But the Solar Energy Alliance (CASE), which consists of PV importers, installers and power companies, is This is an objection, pointing out that the imposition of tariffs means that “more than 60,000 Americans will be unemployed by 2014”.

In this regard, Rhone Resch, president of the American Solar Energy Industry Association, said that the taxation measures "have little impact on the US market", neither will soar the price of solar cells, nor rebuild the domestic production base. And reducing China's imports has pushed up imports from other Asian countries. However, according to data from the US research firm HIS, the annual capacity to produce photovoltaic panels in the United States has declined significantly. Moreover, the Photovoltaic Foundation found that the employment problem of solar companies has not improved. Currently SolarWorld in the US is still laying off staff in Oregon. At the same time, the price of solar panels has not risen, but has declined.

The US believes that this is likely to be the way Chinese PV companies have found a switch around the switch. The US speculation was confirmed in the mouth of Artes President and CEO. Yan Xiaoying said that under the Chinese PV company's lawyers' team, the US Department of Commerce agreed to leave "room" on China's "double opposition." For the United States to China's photovoltaic "double-reverse", Chinese companies can adopt a response method: import photovoltaic cells from third-party countries or regions, and then assemble them into domestic PV modules. Because the US “double-reverse” is aimed at photovoltaic products whose origin is China, enterprises can evade the high “double-reverse” tax rate in this way. According to Miao Xiaoyu, the so-called third-party areas mentioned above are mainly Taiwan.

Can Chinese companies “see the tricks” to avoid high tax rates? Will the United States really not take other measures? In fact, the “double-reverse” ruling on solar energy products in China has not yet been finalized. At that time, the United States had already thought that Chinese companies would find ways to circumvent the "double opposition." Therefore, the United States once confessed to China: evading "double opposition" has to pay a price. In 2012, the US Solar Manufacturing Alliance (CASM) issued a statement warning Chinese manufacturers to "conspiracy to use fraudulent methods to circumvent the US double-reverse policy." According to CASM, Chinese solar cell and component exporters are trying to circumvent US policy. CASM warned that "any attempt to circumvent double anti-tariffs will not work, and some of them may also send importers and exporters to the dock and face huge compensation and criminal penalties."

Nowadays, it turns out that the United States has adopted a "double-reverse" on Taiwanese batteries. It is a pity that Chinese PV companies have thought that they have found a life-saving straw, but they have lost their wife and lost their soldiers.

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