How to feed weaned piglets

Because too much or too little feeding feed will affect its normal growth and development. Excessive feeding can easily cause gastrointestinal diseases such as indigestion and diarrhea, and insufficient feeding can cause the piglets to react to stress due to hunger, which is not conducive to healthy growth. How to properly feed weaned piglets? vkK China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, service animal husbandry

A look at the feeding situation should be checked in time after feeding the piglets, and see if there is any leftovers in the feeding trough. If there is only a little bit of scrap in the tank, there is no small pile of powder or pellet feed, indicating that the feed amount is moderate; if it is seen that the feed tank is clean and wet, it indicates that the feed amount is insufficient, and the feed amount should be increased appropriately next time. If there is leftover material in the tank, it means that the feed is too much, and the next time it should be reduced as appropriate. vkK China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

Second, look at the defecation situation, carefully observe whether the piglet excretion is normal, and adjust the feeding amount according to different situations. The feces of piglets within 3 days of weaning are coarse and thin, from yellow to brown, which is normal (observing the time of defecation is generally 12 to 15 hours per day). If the stool becomes soft, the oil shines brightly, and the color is normal, the amount of feed does not need to be changed; if there is a small amount of sporadic feces in the circle, there is a feed pellet, indicating that there are individual pigs eating too much, and the next feed should be reduced by 20 times. About %; if the stool is found to be mushy, light gray, and sporadic yellow, with undigested feed inside, this is a sign that the whole litter has a squat, and should stop eating. vkK China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

Third, look at the activity to see if the piglets are healthy and lively, and determine the amount of feeding accordingly. Before feeding, the piglets heard the sounds rushing to the trough. If the screams are constantly hungry, they can feed more feed. After feeding for about 10 minutes, the feed in the trough is hunted, the piglets do not return to the nest, and they are crowded on the side of the trough. It indicates that the feeding is insufficient, and the feeding point can be added; the piglets do not have much reaction to feeding the feed, and the sound is small and weak, and does not panic, indicating that it is not too hungry and can be fed less. vkK China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

vkK China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

Oil Tubing

Oil Casing are pipes used in oil Wells for oil production, gas production, water injection and acid fracturing.

Tubing Pipe Feature:
Size: O.D. 1.900", 2-3/8", 2-7/8", 3-1/2", 4-1/2"
Grade: J55, K55,N80, L80, C90, T95, P110
Wall thickness: 3.18 - 10.54mm 
Length: R1,R2,R3
Thread: 8RD and 10RD
Standard: Accord with API SPEC 5CT
Tubing pipe accessories include: tubing nipple, tubing coupling.


   EUE TUBING     eue tubing  

                             EUE oil tubing                                                     NUE oiltubing

Tubing specification:

N80 casingJ55/K55 oil casing


Packaging Details

Plastic caps on both ends, Steel bundle, Woven bag or acc. to customers' request.

Delivery Time

15 days after receiving deposit


If you have any questions, please contact with us directly and welcome you can visit our factory.

Oil Tubing

Oil Tubing,4130 Steel Tube,Casing Pipe,Eue Tubing


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