[real-time] new national standard masks ready to wear foreign standards may not meet the national standard

New national standard mask, ready to wear!

Grade C

Corresponding to heavy and below pollution

Use when PM2.5 concentration ≤ 250μg/m3

D level

Corresponds to moderate and the following pollution

Use when PM2.5 concentration ≤ 150μg/m3

Masks currently on the market are mainly used for industrial, medical and civilian use. On November 1, 2016, China's first national standard for protective masks issued by the National Standardization Management Committee, GB/T32610-2016 "Daily Protective Mask Technical Specifications" was formally implemented. The standard specifies the protective effect of fine particles (PM2.5) and the safety performance of wearing. Experts said that many companies adopted the standard of industrial protection standards, apply to mines, dust and other special environments, GB/T32610 is a daily civilian standard, more suitable for daily protection of the people, but also more effective and safe.

Expert statement

Industry experts

New national standard mask is guaranteed for the people

Will there be a timetable for the mass market of new national standard masks? The Beijing Morning Post reporter interviewed Li Guimei, vice president of the China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, who participated in drafting the new national standard. She said that at present, many companies have already improved their products in accordance with the new national standards, and the new national standards are more stringent. Many companies may be exploring and developing while producing and gradually accepting the need for a process. "According to inspections conducted by inspection departments, some companies have already submitted inspections in accordance with the new national standards."

The new national standard introduced this time is a recommended standard, not a mandatory standard. Is it feasible for enterprises to comply with corporate standards? Li Guimei said that it is possible that after the national standard for filing records, and its products meet the standards. From the standard indicators, the national standard should be the most common, and most companies can achieve it. Responsible enterprises should be stricter than the national standard and make their products more perfect. The corporate standard must also be filed with the National Standards Committee and there will be a review mechanism. “People (44.090, -0.13, -0.29%) can't see or read the corporate standard, cannot view it one by one, and do not have strong professional knowledge. The purchase of masks that implement corporate standards may not necessarily be protected, but the implementation of the new national standard Mask products, people can get protection."

Foreign standards may not meet the national standard

The reporter found that some of the imported masks implement standards of foreign countries, but the labels can meet the strong standards of China. In this regard, Li Guimei said, “A lot of standards in foreign countries only characterize the filtering efficiency of materials. In fact, it should match the index of leakage rate, that is, the air leaked into the mask through the gap. Foreign standards may not be able to meet China’s mandatory standards or new national standards. May only be satisfied in the filtration efficiency." In addition, when simulating the air to do the experiment, one kind is the dry dust, the wind sand environment, one kind is the exhausted oily environment. In this regard, foreign standards are measured separately, but the new national standard requires both to be measured, and all can be achieved. “The new national standard is more stringent and comprehensively takes into account the composition of the air.” She said that if consumers do not understand foreign standards It is still recommended that they purchase masks that implement the new national standard.

The new standard divides the protection level of the mask from low to high into four levels of D, C, B, and A. Li Guimei believes that Class A masks may be more expensive. “It is very demanding on materials and it is not easy to reach Class A. However, it is not recommended that consumers should buy Class A masks. It is best to use them in extreme weather.”

Disease Control Expert

Ultra-protective masks should not be worn for a long time

For the choice of masks, disease control experts reminded that they must first purchase from formal channels. In addition, more importantly, it is necessary to select a mask with the corresponding protection level effect according to the degree of air pollution. When choosing a mask for the first time, try it out with reference to the product's instructions and buy a product with a good fit on the face. Discomfort or adverse reactions during the wearing process should stop wearing the mask. The expert said, "Prolonged wear masks with high respiratory resistance may have adverse health effects, so consumers are advised not to wear protective masks for long periods of time and over-grade."

In addition, experts also reminded the public that people with diseases of the heart or respiratory system, wearing dizziness, breathing difficulties and skin sensitivity are not advised to wear masks. Do not wear high-level masks while riding or exercising to prevent breathing.

Reporter visits

Standards for children's masks have not been released in time

Li Guimei, vice president of the China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, said that mask standards for children should also be introduced in a timely manner. “At present, children’s research lacks a lot of data. First, children’s respiratory system is not well developed and requires a high level of respiration. Its materials must not only protect but also allow children to breathe smoothly, so they have higher requirements for materials. Adults can collect more data and design face masks based on the head molds, but now the children's heads are larger, and then follow the original head mold design, which is inconsistent with the actual situation. If the fit is not good, there will be pollution. The air leaked in."

Feng Guofang, director of Otolaryngology at Beijing East District Children's Hospital, said that from a clinical point of view, child bronchitis, bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis all showed an upward trend in smog days. In addition to the known PM2.5, there are even finer particles than PM0.5, which can enter the trachea, bronchi, and alveoli with the air. Children are more vulnerable to damage due to skin mucous membranes, alveolar surfaces, etc., and should wear masks when performing outdoor activities. However, currently, children's anti-fog and face masks on the market are not only less species, but are mostly miniature versions of adults, and their sealing and protection are greatly reduced. The cotton and gauze masks are mainly warm and have no anti-mite effect. For hazy weather, they should actively call for standardized children's masks as soon as possible.

Reporter's notes

Move closer to the "new national standard" Don't let everyone worry too much

“My friend’s female colleague is 24 years old and I’m studying in the UK with a returning school salary of 500,000 a year. I have a school district house and a BMW car. My parents are very anxious now—want to introduce a better air purifier...” Make this a joke. The same applies to the "air purifier" in the god's turning section replaced by the "hazard-proof mask."

When you open a search for an "anti-mask," you will find at least a hundred brands. It is not easy to look for different implementation standards on the Internet. Even if it finds a lot of professional terms such as “NaCl particulate matter” and “aerosol concentration,” it also makes consumers take the lead in minutes.

How to choose a good mask? Estimate is indeed to make "parents are in a hurry" thing. Today, the introduction of the new national standard fills in the gaps in daily protection of civilian masks. However, the reporter also learned in the interview that the new national standard is a recommended standard and not a mandatory standard. Enterprises can still produce according to the corporate standard. In this case, the corporate standard of some honest companies is higher than the new national standard, but it is also inevitable that there will be loopholes in the business.

A staff member of the National Standardization Management Committee told the reporter that even if it is a recommended standard, the national standard indicator is very scientific. To promote the national standard is to regulate the market, let the industry and consumers understand the practicability and superiority of the national standard, and use the market to force the mechanism to allow enterprises to independently implement this mask recommended national standard.

In fact, although the new national standard is not a mandatory standard, the current corporate standard of some companies is actually not lower than the new national standard. However, instead of allowing consumers to face the numerous corporate standards that are “very dazzling”, producers should stand on the consumer’s stance. Consumers are treated as God, making non-compulsory recommendations a "spontaneous" standard. If more companies can move closer and implement new standards, it will be a boon to consumers.


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