Multifunctional inductive load DC resistance tester using method

Multi-functional inductive load DC resistance tester is suitable for switch contact resistance and cable resistance. It adopts high-quality large-scale analog-to-digital conversion integrated circuit to ensure high measurement sensitivity; digital display is intuitive and clear; the degree of automation of the instrument is high; automatic digital zero adjustment is provided. ; There are automatic protection functions for various misoperations. Speed ​​measurement is several times faster than the bridge. It is suitable for measuring the DC resistance of inductive products such as transformer windings, transformers and motor windings with the power industry.
Multi-functional inductive load DC resistance tester use method:
1, grounding:
When the environmental electromagnetic interference is serious or the tested product is inductive, the terminal of the instrument should be connected with the ground (or ground) of the test product with a wire to eliminate external interference, and the measured data is more stable.
2, selection range:
First estimate the resistance of the measured object and select the appropriate range. If the approximate range of the resistance value of the sample cannot be determined, you can choose a larger range. (Adjust the range after discharge) so that the displayed value is the most suitable range between 1999 and 19999 (no matter the decimal point). The obtained data has the highest accuracy, and "1" is displayed on the display screen to indicate over-range.
3, zero:
When using the "20mΩ", "200mΩ" file to zero. After the resistance is measured, in the "ready" state, adjust the "zero" knob to make it show zero. Other ranges can be automatically zeroed without calibration.
4, measurement:
After the above preparations are done, you can place the “Prepare/Measure” key in the “Measurement” position. After the data is stable, you can take a reading and bring the units on the selected range. Note that the longer the inductance of the sample is, the longer the data will stabilize.
5, discharge:
Before turning off the power, place the “Prepare/Measure” key in the “Prepare” position and turn off the power. If it is an inductive sample, the instrument automatically discharges the sample. At this time, observe the “discharge indicator” lamp and wait until the lamp goes out before proceeding with the stitch removal operation so as to prevent the reactionary potential of the inductor from endangering personal safety. Each measurement of a set of data must be turned off and then measured at another set.

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