What is the meaning of cotton sanding four-piece cotton sanding four-piece price level pictures

In a person's life, they will spend most of their time in their sleep. A good sleep is inseparable from the comfort of bedding. Recently, the four-piece set in the major markets has been very popular, which has attracted the attention of many people. In the market, we can see home textile products of different materials, of which the sales volume of four sets is large, so how much do you know about the four sets of product materials? Don't worry, today I'm going to introduce you to the four Piece sets . So, what is the four-piece cotton sanding? What is the price of a four-piece cotton sanding ? The sanding product is a functional product and is a finishing process for printing and dyeing. Comfortable, the price is relatively high, because the hair is better, must be active printing. Next, I will present it to everyone.

What is the four-piece cotton scrub

The four-piece cotton sanding means that the combination of the sanding machine and emery leather is used to qualitatively change the appearance, including: fully-smoothed sheets, duvet covers, and two pillowcases.

Cotton sanding four-piece feature

The process is relatively complex, first dyeing and finishing, then by the grinding process, unique style. It is a new flower in the industry. It has the characteristics of comfortable feel, strong drape, and easy care, attracting many consumers. When used, there is a warm, soft feeling, the color is always fresh. No fading or pilling will occur, and the weight will be heavier than normal cotton.

What are the four sets of cotton sanding

KELLY four-piece suit

Fine workmanship, variety, price concessions. Including: Falai cashmere, long-staple cotton, velvet and so on. Quality assurance, high-end atmosphere, praised by the majority of customers. Whether it is home or give away, it is a good choice.

Falafel four-piece

Falai cashmere fabric, also known as "Flannel." The market is selling very hot, without texture, soft and generous in color. The fabric is softer and skin-friendly. No hair loss, pilling, shrinkage and other phenomena. No irritation or allergy to the skin. Beautiful appearance, rich colors.

1) Soft, delicate hair, more elegant, extravagance, and superior grade.

2) Selected fibers, carefully made, delicate texture, smooth feel, rich colors. It can be used as a cooler in the summer and as a bed sheet in the winter.

3)Fangled four-piece fabric features: fine texture, lint-free, pilling, fade.

4) Falafel four-piece use: thick fabric, high cost, good warmth. It is the best choice for winter.

Brushed fabric:

It is a high-grade combed cotton. After being brushed, it improves the feel of the fabric. Suede smooth, rich velvet, soft gloss. In the summer, it can be used as a thin quilt while not playing the ball.

Pure cotton four sets

1, hygroscopicity: good moisture absorption, so that the fabric maintains water balance, feel comfortable.

2, heat preservation: low thermal conductivity, high elasticity, good insulation.

3, heat resistance: good heat resistance, below 110 °C, will not damage the fiber.

4, Alkalinity: resistance, no damage phenomenon, is conducive to the washing of the pollution, disinfection.

5. Hygiene: The main ingredient is cellulose, which has no irritation and no side effects when contacted with the skin.

Cotton brushing four sets of buying skills

1, touch the hand

It is very different from the general four-piece set, including: softness and warmth. Touch it with your hand and feel soft. When purchasing, you can directly touch the four-piece fabric to feel good touch. Because of the slickening process, it is rich in texture and heavy in weight.

2, with your eyes

The production process is complicated, first dyeing and finishing, then grinding, so the color fastness is good, not easy to fade, looks fine and beautiful. When you purchase, you can check with your eyes. If the color lasts for a long time and there is no fading and pilling, then the quality is OK.

3, with the smell of the nose

No cotton fabric is used. The real four-piece set contains high cotton content, good taste and no heavy industrial taste. If you taste heavy, it is best not to buy.

Cotton sanding four-piece price

Because of the brand, size, material and manufacturer of the four-piece cotton sanding, the four-piece cotton sanding price will vary. Under normal circumstances, the price of four sets of cotton sanding ranges from a hundred to a thousand dollars.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

How to properly handle the hair removal kit

1. The size of the external force will affect the hair loss. It is recommended to use the weak wash function. The time should not be too long to prevent the probability of hair loss.

2. After washing, clean the inner and outer hairs. After washing by many users, they are aired directly to form an illusion of serious hair loss.

3. The water temperature is below 30 degrees, do not bleach, dry clean, iron at medium temperature.

Thickened cotton sanding four-piece features

1. It belongs to a new product, and through a series of processing, the appearance is soft and there is a feeling of short hair. In addition to imparting a new style, the thermal conductivity is reduced, the warmth and softness are increased, the color is striking and the touch is soft.

2, the process is complicated, first dyeing and finishing, then grinding process, is a new flower in the textile industry. The soft handfeel, rich texture, and easy care features attract many consumers. The color is always fresh, and the product will not fade or puddle. It is thicker than normal cotton.

3, warm winter, beautiful colors, such as: purple, red and so on. Even in the cold winter days, they are not afraid of being cold.

Thick cotton four-piece selection

1, see the four sets of signs to choose

Whether it is produced by regular manufacturers, such as: washing marks, product models, fabric texture, etc.

2, determine the quality of the four sets through the feel

Holding in the palm of your hand, the texture is soft and skin-friendly. When used, it is more personal and comfortable.

3, choose four sets from work

Four sets of regular manufacturers, exquisite workmanship, uniform fabric, delicate texture, patchwork stitch length 10 ~ 12/3cm, counterfeit goods, eye-catching, uneven stitches and other appearances, look closely when purchasing, do not negligence detail.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of cotton-smoothing four-piece cotton-smooth four-piece price-level pictures. I hope to help friends who have this need! For more information, Please continue to follow our website. Follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase your favorite product on Qijia Mall!

Cotton sanding four-piece

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