Radiator wall left a black seal what to do

After cooling down, isn't it feeling that the heart is cold, we not only lost our warmth, but also left us with a big black mark on the radiator. Today Lion King Xiaobian came to help you solve this black print issue:
General old heating users find that some black marks appear on the wall behind the radiator, either deep or shallow, and are not easily rubbed off. This phenomenon is common in the north, mainly due to the dry weather in the north, with strong static electricity, and a lot of dust. During the heat dissipation process of the radiator, heat convection is formed to drive the air circulation. Under the double action of static electricity and circulating air current, dust It will be absorbed on the wall. Over time, some dark and black marks will appear on the wall.
How can heating users eliminate this black wall phenomenon? First of all, pay attention to the material with latex paint on the wall, because once the latex paint is stained with this kind of dust, it is very difficult to remove. Here, the engineer of Chuangma Radiator recommends that you consider changing the material in the decoration, such as the wall behind the radiator. Paste wallpaper with non-pure pulp, or use glass-engraved panels, or hang a curtain to facilitate cleaning. It is also possible to place a shelf above the radiator and put some vines such as green dill, which can not only block dust but also have a decorative effect.
On the other hand, you can often clean the indoor environment, reduce indoor dust, or often wipe the radiator and the surrounding walls. You can also hang a piece of cloth with the same color as the heating or wall between the radiator and the wall to reduce the intensity of convection heat dissipation, but this will reduce the heat dissipation effect.
All in all, the black wall phenomenon of the radiator is not difficult to solve, and there are many solutions. “It is mainly related to air drying and static electricity. If we can increase the indoor humidity, it will have obvious results. There are more heating and common sense that we should not miss.

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