Toilet seat cover replacement How to install toilet seat cover

Our bathroom is generally the easiest place in the home space, and it is also the place where we clean the most. Then we will install a toilet in the bathroom, and we need a toilet seat cover if we have a toilet. Frequent replacements can prevent cross-infection and sit more comfortably. Here we take a look at how the toilet seat cover replacement method and how to install the toilet seat cover.

Toilet seat cover replacement

1, toilet cushion cover in the current market, many brands, styles, then we use the toilet seat cover we must always perform the replacement cleaning. Because many styles of toilet cushion cover are different, the way of replacement is not the same. Paste type toilet cushion. This type of toilet seat replacement is the simplest. Simply wipe the toilet seat gasket clean and stick the adhesive toilet seat along the washer.

2, there is a zipper brand toilet seat cover, the product we have to pay attention to the health, in the replacement we must first wipe the toilet zipper type washer clean. How to put a clean zipper-type cushion from the inside to the jacket, pull the zipper. Button-type toilet seat replacement method: wipe the washer clean, place the padlock toilet seat on the washer, and finally stick together each pair of sticky buttons. Replace the sticky-cushion cushion with a sticky fastener. Otherwise, the cushion will loosen easily.

3, most of our toilet design style is O-type mouth, so the seat cushion cover of the toilet will naturally choose O-type, so as to be better fixed on the toilet. O-type flush toilet cushions, the friend who used this cushion for the first time really took a lot of trouble, first put the O-type cushion from the inner side of the washer into the inner collar of the washer, and then put the cushion back into the outer ring of the washer. card cover.

How to install a toilet cushion cover

1, when installing the seat cushion cover of the toilet, in fact, it's really difficult to install the seat cushion cover according to your choice. If you choose not the zipper type and the paste type, then the installation will be much more troublesome. The seat cushion is placed under the toilet lid, and then the toilet seat cushion is placed in the middle position of the toilet seat. Generally, a hard ring can pass through the toilet seat and then be covered with the toilet seat.

2, there is a method is to use the seat cushion of the toilet from the outside of the toilet seat to start packaging, so that the toilet seat cover can be very stable fixed to the toilet. And the other, simpler way is to put it directly around the toilet, and put the cover out of the toilet seat. There isn't a hard apron on the cover. Hold the hard rubber ring in the side of the seat plate, and then turn the braze up to the side of the seat plate. There is a rubber band on the cloth side. You can hold it very tightly. O-type and U-type, there should be steps on the packaging and then follow the steps to operate.

Summary: Information on how to replace the toilet seat cover and how to install the toilet seat cover is introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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