Do you often use plastic tableware and plastic products to package products or increase the risk of diabetes?

The world's top journal of internal medicine, the American "Neurology Yearbook" published on September 19th, USA, published a team of professors of the Department of Endocrinology, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, and found that high levels of urinary bisphenol a can increase type 2 diabetes. The risk of illness.

What is bisphenol a? Many people may be unfamiliar with this chemical term, but if there are bisphenol a in daily necessities such as beverage packaging, milk bottles, and cashier bars, everyone must feel commonplace.

Bisphenol a is mainly used to produce polymer materials such as polycarbonate, and can also be used to produce fine chemical products such as plasticizers. Widely used in the manufacture of beverage packaging, bottles, water bottles and hundreds of other daily necessities. As a plasticizer, the food safety risk caused by bisphenol a and other plasticizers has always been uneven.

In May of this year, nearly 900 kinds of foods in Taiwan were found to contain plasticizers. The beverage crisis is not flat, and the bottle crisis is coming again, as studies have shown that bisphenol a may cause harm to human body secretion. On May 30, the Ministry of Health announced that bisphenol A was banned in packaging materials that were in contact with infant food.

Nowadays, the research of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital experts has sounded the alarm for the impact of bisphenol a on adult health.

Nearly 90% of the people in the urine test have bisphenol a in foreign countries, and there is very little research on the large sample population of bisphenol a. Professor Ning Guang's research team measured urinary bisphenol A levels and blood glucose levels in 3,423 community populations over 40 years of age. The results showed that 87.7% of people over the age of 40 could detect bisphenol a levels in urine with an average level of 0.81 ng/mL.

The effect of increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes In fact, bisphenol a is easily absorbed, and can be inhaled by the body through diet, breathing, skin contact, and the like. When using plastic products to hold hot drinks and microwave heating, the absorption will increase. The study found that higher levels of urinary bisphenol a (> 1.43 ng / mL) significantly increased the risk of type 2 diabetes. "The effect of high levels of urinary bisphenol a on health, especially in adults with blood glucose metabolism disorders, should be of concern." Professor Bi Yufang, head of the Diabetes Epidemiology Group at the Shanghai Endocrine and Metabolic Disease Clinical Medicine Center and a core researcher at the Ningguang research team said .

Preventing the use of plastic products Although 90% of adults inhaled bisphenol a can be discharged through the urine, Bi Yufang still recommends that people minimize the use of plastic products, avoid microwave heating lunch boxes, and try to buy glass baby bottles.

Little common sense in life:

Food: Bubble gum should be eaten less. Bubble gum contains two plasticizers, DPOD and BPOG. They are all toxic and should eat less bubble gum. At the same time, use less plastic cups to drink water. Hot water dissolves toxic chemicals such as plasticizers in the plastic cup into the water.

Use: buy edible oil to choose a small package. Professor Li Shuguang from the School of Basic Medicine of Tongji University found that plastic bottled oil is easy to cause plasticizer to dissolve and cause harm to the human body. Therefore, glass and ceramic utensils should be used as much as possible to eat edible oil. When purchasing, try to buy small bottles for short-term use.

Row: Drink more plasticizers. According to international professional literature reports, the prevention effect of tea polyphenols on liver and kidney oxidative damage in rat animal experiments is significant. Tea is rich in tea polyphenols, so drinking more tea can help the liver and kidneys to detoxify and enhance the discharge of plasticizers.

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