Is your home safe? Smart Door Lock Needs Precautions Guide

Is your home safe? Smart Door Lock Needs Precautions Guide

Many new consumers don't know how to buy a new home when it comes to buying a door lock. Buy a lock, don't care, at least have a professional pass. The door is the first barrier to entry, and it is an important barrier to prevent the entry of dangerous elements and ensure the safety of family and property. The quality of the door lock is the most important indicator to measure the safety of the door. How to choose the safest door lock? What are the types of door locks? Is the lock brand good?

At present, many manufacturers in order to pursue profits, reduce costs, reduce the material of the products, use the eliminated cast iron (easy rust, not anti-corrosion) as raw materials for the production of locks, resulting in product quality problems. These internal material-changing locks are difficult to distinguish in appearance. It is understood that the quality of the lock is not good, the material, the thickness of the panel and other problems cause the stability and anti-theft performance of the lock to fall short of the standard. This situation should be brought to the attention of the user.

Buy locks don't care - three types of smart door locks purchase guide

In addition to quality, what kind of lock is the best? Or what kind of lock is the safest? Many locks have been eliminated due to their low security, and they can be seen in museums. The figure. Nowadays, the more common locks are divided into two types: marble mechanical locks and electronic smart locks. The pin lock is the most commonly used lock in the world. The smart lock is a new type of lock that emerges with the development of electronics and other technologies. It is the direction of future lock development, and the market share is constantly increasing.

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Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical locks and smart locks: comparatively low price; high market awareness; relatively strong panels; high-quality mechanical locks, intelligent anti-theft, better anti-technical opening ability, high security, and not afraid of forgetting With a key, etc.

Disadvantages: ordinary mechanical locking technology has low opening ability; keys are easy to be lost or even copied; daily forgetting with keys will cause inconvenient prices to be generally higher; market awareness is low; civil smart locks generally have mechanical emergency keyholes, Security breach.

There are no absolutely safe locks in the world. The anti-locking and unlocking techniques are like spears and shields, and both are constantly improving. The mechanical lock feels more practical and the price is lower; the smart lock is the development direction of modern social locks, with high safety and convenient operation, but at the same time there are some disadvantages. When consumers choose, they need to consider after considering many aspects. Choose.

Smart lock product classification:

1 password lock is unlocked by password, which can be divided into mechanical password lock and keyboard password lock.

2 Induction lock IC card lock: It is divided into contact IC card lock and non-contact type. Contact type locks the card lock, and the internal card reader of the chip lock contacts the non-contact type. This process is not needed, and only the card and the card reader of the lock are required to be close together.

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3 electromagnetic lock: the application of electromagnetic principle, electromagnetic force up to several hundred kilograms, in the locked state, the average person can not open. Deadly, it is impossible to close the door after a power outage, so it is generally used in a manned access door, which is used in conjunction with a mechanical lock.

4 bio-lock: With the development of biometric technology, fingerprint locks, palm print locks, retina recognition locks, etc. have emerged.

Smart lock refers to a lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management than traditional mechanical locks. Smart locks are made using electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, and a variety of innovative identification technologies. The current smart locks mainly include password locks, induction locks, and bio locks. As the product matures, smart locks gradually begin to enter a large number of ordinary people.

Two key categories of password lock, three shopping tips

Password lock, as the name suggests, is unlocked by a password, which can be divided into mechanical password lock and keyboard password lock. A combination lock is a type of lock that is opened with a series of numbers or symbols. There are two main types of password locks, one is a dial type mechanical code lock, and the other is a more intelligent keyboard lock, which has two buttons and a touch screen. Let's take a look at each of the following.

1. Introduction of dial type mechanical code lock

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The dial-type combination lock is similar to the dialing of the old telephone. Starting from the beginning of the dial, turning the dial clockwise to a certain digit, and then returning to the starting point, a password is entered. Repeat this until the last password is entered, and then turn the dial counterclockwise from the starting point to unlock. At the same time as unlocking, the internal has been reset, so after the dial is returned to the starting point, the password must be re-entered to unlock, and there is no need to consider the internal reset problem.

Dial-type mechanical password lock dial type password lock advantage, dial-type password lock generally has six-digit password, six-digit password can have more than 2.98 million sets of passwords for people to change at will, the confidentiality is extremely high. In addition, the number of passwords and the amount of passwords can be redesigned according to the needs of users. It is also possible to add an alarm interface to the user. No key, no power supply, no battery, safe and reliable, full mechanical structure, can withstand the harsh external environment, and has a wide range of use.

The disadvantage is that some password padlocks can tighten the lock and then turn the dial until it can no longer be moved, so that the password can be found. There are also certain relationships between the numbers of the turntable code locks, so that the possibility of combination of passwords is greatly reduced. Cheap password padlocks can be opened with special linings without the need for a password.

The dial-type combination lock has high security and is generally used for safes, safes, file cabinets, and the like. However, the dial-type combination lock is relatively rare on the home door, which may be due to its relatively complicated operation and a keyboard-type combination lock that is easier to operate as a substitute. Just like a keyboard phone instead of a dial phone.

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2, keyboard type password lock

From the current level of technology and market recognition, the most widely used is the keyboard type electronic code lock. The keyboard-type electronic password is entered on the keyboard, which is similar to the phone call, so it is easy to grasp. The outstanding advantage is that the "password" is a number or character recorded in the mind of the authorized person. It is accurate and reliable, will not be lost (except forgotten), and is difficult to be stolen (unless it is leaked by itself). If the password is leaked, the password lock will be ineffective.

Keyboard type password lock keyboard type password lock password anti-leak function. Therefore, to ensure the security of the password lock, the most important thing is to ensure the security of the password. At present, many password locks have "arbitrary password setting" technology, "automatic password change" technology, "keyboard out of order display" technology, "multiple password setting" technology, etc., to ensure that passwords are not leaked. Despite the emergence of new electronic anti-theft locks, keyboard-type electronic password anti-theft locks still occupy the mainstream position in the market, and often serve as an auxiliary input means for other types of anti-theft locks.

3, password lock purchase tricks

The following purchase methods may not only be applicable to the purchase of the combination lock, but also to the purchase of most smart locks. Closer to home, when you choose a password lock, you mainly look at three aspects.

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First, look at the manufacturer

See if the manufacturer can provide a formal inspection report, the formal manufacturers can provide the national authority department mainly the Ministry of Public Security's safety demonstration certificate, a sound quality management system, through the international market standards, and have their own patented technology. Only the products of qualified manufacturers can be used with confidence.

Second, look at the stability of the door lock software system

Most anti-theft electronic password lock manufacturers must emphasize their own hardware devices. As everyone knows, the software system of the anti-theft electronic password lock is very important, which is directly related to the security level of the anti-theft electronic password lock. The excellent anti-theft electronic password lock uses the chips and embedded programs of the world's top suppliers, and the software technology is mature and reliable.

When you choose a password lock, you mainly look at three aspects.

Third, look at the installation of the product

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Whether the password lock is correctly installed is directly related to the safety and service life of the product. Only the installation of professional technicians can guarantee the use value of the product is not damaged, and also ensure that the interests of users will not be damaged. If only the product is provided, but the professional installation service cannot be provided, or the user needs to solve the installation problem, such an electronic lock product is not recommended.

Inductive lock is more convenient Siemens card preferred

Inductive lock or IC card lock, and contact IC card lock and non-contact type. Contact type locks the card lock, and the internal card reader of the chip lock contacts the non-contact type. This process is not needed, and only the card and the card reader of the lock are required to be close together.

Inductive locks are more common on the door, such as the door to the magnetic entrance of the cell entrance, the door in the hotel room, and so on. There are many classifications of induction locks. Before you buy, you need to know clearly and know the precautions for purchase.

1. Classification of induction locks

Induction locks generally use a variety of "cards" as the key, regardless of the variety of card types, according to the operation mode of the input card, can be divided into contact card and contactless card two categories. At present, the technology of the contact card is mature, the price is low, and the application is also extensive; the contactless card is concealed and convenient, and it has a tendency to come up later.

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2, the advantages of induction lock

The large amount of information stored is the advantage of the inductive lock card. It not only serves as a key, but also loads a lot of personal information. It is especially suitable for the financial industry to pay attention to the industry characteristics of “identify the right body”, and it is more than one card (such as entry, unlock, storage). , payment, etc.) bring the convenience of cardholders. The use of such electronic anti-theft locks requires careful storage of the card and the loss of authorization to cancel the card as soon as possible.

3, the disadvantage of the induction lock

There are many types of inductive locks, and there are differences in anti-theft. Low-end products, such as the access card of the community, a few yuan, the security is poor; in addition, the card is like a key, can not forget to bring or lose, so there is no advantage that other smart locks do not need to carry, and Cards are more susceptible to damage than keys.

4, induction lock purchase tricks

In addition to the method of purchasing the smart lock mentioned in the password lock, when purchasing the sensor lock, you can also judge the quality of the sensor lock according to the following methods.

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Test the sensitivity of the sensor key card

First, test the sensitivity of the sensor key card

Repeatedly insert the card or the key card to open the door should be normal operation, there should be no "no response" or "error", "motor chaos" phenomenon.

Second, understand the static power consumption of the sensor door lock

After selecting the sensing lock, first check its sensing sensitivity, and then understand the static power consumption of the sensing door lock. Because the general induction door locks are powered by dry batteries, some brand-sensing door locks can be used continuously for more than one year, while some brands change batteries in less than a month. Frequent battery changes can seriously affect the use.

Third, pay attention to the quality of the card

The card of the induction lock can be divided into an IC card, a TM card, and a magnetic card. Currently, the IC contact type door lock is most used, and the IC card door lock generally uses a Siemens card. At present, there are many companies that manufacture cards. Many smart lock factories use smaller card manufacturers to make cards, which cannot guarantee the quality of the chips. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the card, it is recommended to choose a strong brand manufacturer's products.

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An intelligent fingerprint lock ANSI certification essential

Bio-locking With the development of biometric technology, fingerprint locks, palm print locks, retina recognition locks, etc. have emerged. Fingerprint lock is a kind of bio lock, and it is also a kind of smart lock that is relatively common in application. Other iris recognition locks, palm print locks, etc., are rarely used at this stage. So the next step is to introduce the category of fingerprint locks.

Fingerprint lock 1, the advantage of bio lock

Some of the inherent characteristics of human beings, such as the characteristics of hands, eyes, and sounds, are almost non-repeatable, and are unique as a "key." Therefore, electronic security locks that use biometrics as passwords are highly secure.

2, the disadvantage of the bio lock

Bio-locks are produced with the development of new biometric technologies. At this stage, most bio-locking performance is not stable enough and expensive. In cases where confidentiality is required to be extremely high, it is not advisable to use biometric electronic anti-theft locks alone, preferably in combination with other electronic information.

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3, fingerprint lock introduction

Fingerprint lock is a relatively widely used bio lock. The uniqueness and non-replicability of fingerprints determine that fingerprint lock is the safest lock among all locks. Fingerprint locks are usually composed of two parts: electronic identification and control, and mechanical linkage system. By directly using fingerprints as input signals, the relevant information is identified and processed to control the mechanical actuators to start and close.

The classification of the fingerprint lock is divided according to the identification carrier, and the fingerprint lock can be divided into two types: an optical fingerprint lock and a semiconductor fingerprint lock. The optical fingerprint lock is relatively stable and adaptable. It is mostly used in anti-theft locks. It takes up more space than semiconductors and can still be used after being scratched by metal hard objects. The semiconductor fingerprint lock is relatively small in size, and the recognition range is wider than that of the optical, especially for dry fingerprint users. However, semiconductor fingerprint locks have higher requirements on the use environment and are easy to scratch and scrap. Generally used for the place where the person is supervised.

4, fingerprint lock purchase tricks

Although fingerprint locks are products with high security, there are many fingerprint locks with unstable performance on the market. For example, some people's fingerprints cannot be identified, and after the finger is damaged, it cannot be well recognized. Therefore, in order to prevent various troublesome problems in the fingerprint lock after installation, the following two points should be noted when purchasing.

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The real fingerprint lock was introduced to China from the United States. At that time, the United States high-end fingerprint lock brand Dijir and the world's top 500 companies Ingersoll-Rand dominated the high-end fingerprint lock market. Therefore, the general quality and reliable fingerprint locks must pass the highest quality level in the United States - ANSI certification. As the highest level of the most stringent quality certification in the world, ANSI certification is the guarantee and symbol of high quality products.

It is best to choose the fingerprint lock of the organic electricity conversion function. The fingerprint lock is an electromechanical combination product. According to the national standard, the emergency mechanical key needs to be added, but the security hole is left. The fingerprint lock with electromechanical conversion function can realize that when the fingerprint lock is in the normal state, the emergency mechanical keyhole is idling, and the door lock cannot be opened. Only when the electronic part cannot work normally, the control part of the lock body passes the computer chip. The mechanical keyhole is activated to open the door, thus reducing the possibility that the emergency key will be opened unlawfully.

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