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Fire doors are a type of steel-based doors and are generally classified into three grades: A, B, and C. The key to their rating is the fire-resistant time of fire doors. Class B fire doors are one of them. Then, how long is the fire resistance limit of class B fire doors? Class B fire door price ? Today, I will tell you about the fire-resistance limit of Class B fire doors and Class B fire doors !

Class B Fire Door Fire Limit

In general, Class B fire doors shall be used for smoke-proof stairwells and doors leading to the front room, doors for high-rise buildings for closing stairwells, and doors for fire-fighting elevator front rooms or front-combined rooms, etc. The limit is how long? According to the national standard "GB12955-91" standard, the fire-resistant door with a fire-resistance limit of not less than 0.9h is called a Class-B fire door, that is, the fire-resisting insulation and fire-resistance of the class B fire door. The minimum completeness must not be less than 0.9 hours.

Class B fire doors fire protection requirements:

1. Shut down and shut off, no fireworks;

2, wood fire doors set vent holes;

3, good opening and closing;

4, should be open the door.

Class B fire door price

Jiahui 100*120 Steel Grade B Fire Door Reference Price: RMB 300.00/sqm

Grade II wood insulation fire door of Mucheng City Reference Price:500.00yuan/square meter

Kuntai Shenzhen Class B wooden fire door reference Price: 380.00 yuan / square meter

Fuxin FX-10 steel fire door reference quote: 260.00 yuan / square meter

Five plus steel grade B fire door reference quote: 650.00 yuan / square meter

The fire performance of Class B fire doors is second only to Grade A fire doors, and there is not much difference in price. Therefore, everyone can choose according to their actual needs when purchasing. The above information about the fire-resistance limit of class B fire doors and the class B fire door prices is briefly introduced here. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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