Why the integrated ceiling is so hot, it will still be a landscape of the market.

The traditional consumption season is coming, consumers' demand for home decoration will show a trend of higher, and the integrated ceiling industry should be busy. Looking back at the past ceiling sales season, kitchen and bathroom ceilings will remain a product that consumers are keen on. Although in recent years, living room ceilings, bedroom ceilings, balcony ceilings, restaurant ceilings, etc. have been launched, merchants have also carried out publicity and promotion, but the traditional integrated ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom space application concept has been deeply rooted in people, can not be changed at a time, kitchen Wei ceiling will still be the darling of this year's ceiling industry.

It is reported that most of the integrated ceiling enterprises this year are strongly recommending all kinds of shackle products such as guest ceilings and restaurant ceilings, and still use the kitchen and bathroom ceiling as a powerful weapon for promotion. As integrated ceilings are gradually known and then entered into thousands of households, most consumers only use integrated ceilings in kitchen and bathroom spaces. For the application of guest bedroom space, many consumers generally reflect that there is no such consideration, and some Unfamiliar with the guest ceiling, the other part is due to budget considerations.

For this situation, industry insiders said that this is only a transition period. The integrated ceiling originates from the kitchen and bathroom space. It is a matter of course for the kitchen and bathroom ceiling to be valued by the consumers. For other applications such as guest bedroom, it will be with time. It has gradually been valued by consumers.

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