Security door repair method

The security door is the most important line of defense for indoor security. Its anti-theft performance and anti-theft level are directly related to the safety of indoor property. Generally speaking, in most occasions, it is necessary to install a security door with a certain anti-theft level. The relevant national standards stipulate that the level of the security door includes four levels: A, B, C, and D. The higher the anti-theft requirement, the security door level to be installed. The higher.

Today, there are many brands of security doors in the door industry market. The quality and performance of the products are also good and bad, but some big brands, good reputation and good reputation are just a few. However, it is important to choose a good quality security door, but it is impossible to avoid the occasional failure or damage of the security door. The problem of damage or malfunction of the security door is definitely to be repaired. Let me introduce the maintenance method of the security door.

Burglary repair

Although the structure of the security door is simple, due to frequent use, it is inevitable that some damage or malfunction will occur after a long time. Due to the emergence of these faults, it often brings great inconvenience to our lives. Generally, the security doors of big brands will have after-sales service. If the above-mentioned faults occur, we can seek the help of after-sales service outlets. Of course, the premise is to be within the warranty period. Here are some common faults and solutions for the security door:

1. The anti-theft door hinges emit an abnormal sound, which is generally related to the improper adjustment of the dust or the hinged screw in the hinged box. Just clean the hinged box or adjust the hinged screw.

2. Because the external force is damaged, the lock core is damaged. At this time, the lock core needs to be replaced.

3. The door frame screws are loose, causing the door to rub against the door frame, just tighten the door frame screws or apply lubricant.

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