Analysis of the six characteristics of infrared cameras

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Of course, there are many infrared cameras with strong features such as strong concealment, long night vision distance and stable performance. And from the trend in recent years, the proportion of infrared cameras is gradually increasing, and the performance of infrared cameras is integrated in recent years. The author summarizes the six characteristics and shares with you.
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1. The constant temperature of the infrared camera is due to the configuration of the infrared light with a large amount of heat. After the infrared light is started, there will be heat concentration in the front part of the infrared dome camera during the whole working period (in 12 hours), that is, the front end temperature in the cavity. If it is too high, if it can't dissipate heat evenly, it will affect the normal operation of other components such as cameras. Zhonglu Communications has solved this problem by designing an automatic air-conditioning system with forced cooling and cooling.
The automatic heating and cooling air conditioner adopts the principle of Peltier effect, and the temperature measurement control circuit can be automatically adjusted. The temperature inside the protective cover is constant within the normal operating temperature range of the camera. When the temperature is set below +5 °C, the temperature in the cover is above +40 °C. cold. Experiments show that the infrared dome camera can work normally in the outdoor natural environment of -40 ° C ~ +70 ° C (direct sunlight).
2. Infrared camera fogging and frosting problem, the formation of fog and frost is caused by the condensation of saturated water vapor in the air, which is condensed into frost and fog due to the strong and weak cold environment. In the process of working in the infrared camera, especially the outdoor camera often forms fog or frost on the window glass of the protective cover due to changes in the seasons, temperature difference between day and night, and rain and snow environment, which causes the camera to be unable to see the object and directly affect the monitoring effect. By using an advanced electronic defrosting circuit, Zhonglu Communication Company effectively controls the saturated water vapor concentration in the chamber to achieve automatic defogging and defrosting.
3. The infrared camera is fully enclosed. In addition to the constant temperature, another advantage of using the automatic air conditioner is that the infrared camera can be completely enclosed without leaving any heat dissipation holes to prevent the entry of dust, moisture and corrosive gases. It can adapt to the harsh environment with large dust, such as large coal mines.
4. Infrared light utilization and red storm problems, what is red storm? The red storm is due to the fact that the emitted infrared rays contain visible light.
The infrared lamp can be completely red-free (using a 940-950 nm wavelength infrared tube) or only a weak red storm. Zhonglu Communication Company adopts AUCSITER infrared technology to reduce the infrared light's own heat consumption and adjust the infrared light angle to ensure the effective utilization rate of the infrared light reaches 90% by ensuring the power of the infrared light. In the selection of infrared lamps, infrared lamps with a larger wavelength (910 nm) are selected to strictly reduce red storms and achieve a red-violet effect.
5. Infrared camera window glass cleaning
The infrared dome camera works in rainy and snowy days or in a dusty environment. The window glass of the protective cover is prone to dirt, which causes the camera's line of sight to block. The solution is usually to add a wiper to the shield and to clean the glass by controlling the wiper; another way is to use the invisible wiper window glass. Compared with ordinary window glass, invisible wiper window glass has the function of repelling water, dust and snow.
6. Infrared lamp operating conditions, in general, its infrared lamp radiation power is proportional to the forward operating current, but when the maximum rated value of the forward current is approached, the temperature of the device rises due to the heat consumption of the current, causing the light emission The power is reduced. If the infrared diode current is too small, it will affect its radiant power. However, if the operating current is too large, it will affect its life and even burn the infrared diode.
When the voltage crosses the positive threshold voltage (about 0.8V), the current begins to flow, and it is a very steep curve, indicating that its operating current requirements are very sensitive. Therefore, the working current is required to be accurate and stable, otherwise the radiation power and its reliability are affected. The increase in radiant power as the ambient temperature (including the increase in ambient temperature due to its own heating) causes its radiant power to decrease. Infrared lamps, especially long-range infrared lamps, heat consumption is a problem that should be paid attention to when designing and selecting.
Therefore, the use of infrared lamps must have a good constant current power supply and good heat dissipation design. Zhonglu Communication's zoom MCD, MDD, MED, MBB series cameras are equipped with high-power infrared lamps (up to 24), and are powered by a high-power constant-current power supply. The internal circulation heat dissipation design enables long-distance nights. The effect (up to 220 meters) and the long life of the infrared lamp.

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