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Floor tiles are another favorite modification of ground decoration in people's life. There are a wide variety of floor tiles available on the market. We have a wide range of styles. What are the classifications of floor tiles ? Today we will take a look at the classification of floor tiles .

Floor tile classification 1 , glazed polished tile

Glazed tile is a special formula glaze that can be polished in the glaze, applied to the last glaze of the glazed tile, integrates the advantages of the polished tile and the glazed tile, and the glazed surface is smooth and bright like a polished tile. The glazed designs are rich in patterns like glazed tiles and are very selective. The disadvantage is that it is too smooth and the safety of living is reduced. Due to the complicated production process, the price is generally higher than the above several tiles.

Floor tile classification 2, polished tiles

The polished brick is a kind of bright brick that has been polished on the surface of the whole brick body and belongs to a kind of whole body brick. Compared with the whole body brick, the surface of the polished brick is to be smooth and clean.

Floor tile classification 3, glazed tiles

The glazed tile is made by applying a layer of glaze on the surface of the whole body brick. The use of glaze and color can also produce antique tiles. Compared with vitrified tiles, the biggest advantage of glazed tiles is good stain resistance, because the glaze seals the pores on the surface of the embryonic body, making it difficult for stains to enter. Glazed tile is also very good in anti-slip performance, and the surface can be burned with various patterns. There are many kinds of colors available. Because the surface is glaze, the wear resistance is slightly inferior to the vitrified tiles, and the surface gloss is also inferior to the vitrified tiles. .

Floor tile classification 4, parquet tiles

Mosaic floor tiles, as the name suggests, is to be assembled after the firing of the tiles made, and its various patterns of splicing will have a more decorative role, generally made of clay, quartz, feldspar and other materials from firing.

Floor tile classification 5, mosaic

The volume of the mosaic is the smallest of the various types of tiles, commonly known as block bricks. It was originally a building decoration arts material in ancient Europe. In general, it is only used for paving kitchens, bathrooms, or public swimming pools in the public areas. Because of its small size and paved floors, it is not easy to slip. It is particularly suitable for wet conditions.

In fact, mosaics are quite rich in the selection of materials and colors. There is great potential in the creation of aesthetics. As long as they are properly designed, they can produce good visual effects.

Floor tile classification 6, bottom brick

Most tiles are composed of glazes and bricks. If the material is not good or wears for a long time, the glaze on the surface will scratch or fall off, exposing the underlying brick plate, which cannot be repaired. The bottom bricks make up for this shortcoming. This kind of brick is made of the same material, regardless of the bottom layer or the surface layer. Even if it is scraped and worn, it will not expose another color material, affecting the appearance; and the wear resistance of this kind of brick is also very strong. It is suitable for walking on high-moving floors.

Floor tile classification 7, glass tiles

The emergence of vitrified tiles will solve the problem that the polished tiles are easy to be dirty. It will be fired at high temperature and the texture will be harder and more durable than the polished tiles. At the same time, its functional features are expensive. Also more.

Regarding the classification of floor tiles , I will introduce them to you. I hope to help you, and more information on the decoration is on this site. Stay tuned.

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