Bathroom curtains with what kind of good bathroom curtain brand recommendation

The bathroom is an indispensable functional area for the home. Whether it is rural or urban, it is necessary to install curtains in the bathroom. However, the bathroom curtains must also have certain conditions, such as transparency and waterproofing, so that some types of curtains are eliminated. So, what kind of bathroom curtains good? Bathroom curtains what a good brand? In the home improvement process, in addition to considering its usefulness outside, but also to take into account the bathroom feng shui taboos. So today I will come up with several brands of bathroom curtains that are worth buying for everyone's reference!

First, how to use bathroom curtains


Giving people a romantic and aesthetic sense, loved by young people, simple, generous decorative building materials, not only to protect privacy, but also to adjust the lighting, so young people choose blinds.

2. Rolling shutter

With roll-up and side roll-ups, it is waterproof, strong in pattern, and free in size.

3. Cloth curtains

Fabric curtains can be used not only in the living room and bedroom, but also in the bathroom. It is recommended not to be too thick, and at the same time pay attention to the easy cleanliness of the fabric. Once there is a stain, it needs to be dealt with promptly. Do not choose to shrink and advanced curtains. It can't be too thin, it will reveal privacy.

4. Frosted glass

Opposite the home without households, optional frosted glass, although it will block part of the light, but does not affect the lighting, if there is a household, it is recommended to choose the frosted glass, it is best to add a curtain to the bathroom glass, after all, can see the shadow of frosted glass .

5. Bamboo blinds

Bamboo curtains, unique, waterproof, easy to use, both to protect privacy, but also when the light and the outside world.

Second, the bathroom curtain good brand recommendation

1, Chuangming Electric Curtain

With high visibility, it belongs to the top ten brands. Dedicated to high-end users, so the price is very low, when choosing, it needs to combine its own economic conditions. However, the quality is good, and the service is good, is the user's preferred brand.

2, Somfy somfy electric curtains

As a French brand, the production process is strict. When it leaves the factory, it is strictly tested and unqualified products are never sold. Passed ISO9001 certification. As a well-known brand, it has been very popular.

3, Hunter electric curtains

It belongs to European brands and is favored by users who have good quality and good service. Has a history of more than 100 years, has a high market share and good after-sales service.

4, Kaiser electric curtains

Professional manufacturers, over the years, produce beautiful, generous, and good quality, is the ideal brand. Specifically for bathroom products, the majority of users can choose.

5, people

The top ten brands of curtains, famous brand products of Zhejiang Province, and growth enterprises of Zhejiang Province were established in 1994 and located in Hangzhou. It owns: three subsidiaries. Production of high-grade fabrics and fabrics, special chemical fiber raw materials, bedding, curtains and so on.

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Bathroom curtains

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