Alternative electroplating environmental protection alloy catalytic liquid technology development


【China Aluminum Industry Network】 "A new generation of environment-friendly special surface alloy catalytic fluid" is a new technology of metal surface treatment technology, alloy catalytic plating is a low-cost, easy to operate, clean production of environmental effects. It has the advantages of deep depositing ability, fine coating, low porosity, etc. The alloy catalytic plating is a standard clean production process. The so-called clean production refers to the use of non-polluting raw materials for food production process. Can be plated with a variety of metal materials, iron, carbon steel, die steel, alloy steel, copper and copper alloys, aluminum and aluminum alloys, etc., good uniformity of coating, strong bonding, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

First, the composition of the structure

This is a surface treatment technology consisting of the following components: water, nickel sulfate, sodium hypophosphite, buffers, complexing agents, ammonia potassium powder, sulphur powder, sodium iodine powder, wetting agents. It is characterized in that its formulation consists of the following component contents (weight ratio): water 90%, nickel sulfate 2.8%, sodium hypophosphite 2.6%, buffer 1.4%, complexing agent 3.0 %, ammonia powder 0.14%, sulfur powder 0.002%, sodium iodine powder 0.008%, amount of wetting agent.

Second, the principle of technology

Alloy plating, also known as electroless plating, is an autocatalytic oxidation-reduction reaction in which nickel salt and a reducing agent are used in the same solution without external currents to reduce nickel ions to the surface of the object to form amorphous nickel and phosphorus. New film formation technology for alloy plating. The appearance of the coating is silver-white, and the structure is tight, with excellent anti-corrosion and wear-resistance. Therefore, in the surface treatment technology, the "metallic glass" is nicknamed.

Third, product characteristics

"New-generation environment-friendly special surface alloy catalytic liquid" technology, as an alternative to electroplating treatment of metal surface innovative technology, non-toxic, odorless, non-three waste emissions, easy to use, fast, high strength combined with the metal base, does not peel, do not fall off , never rust, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness and controllable thickness, etc. Electroplating does not have the advantages of the field, a bubble Serve.


1. Non-toxic, odorless, non-disposal waste, which does not pose a hazard to the human body and does not cause pollution to the environment. It is a green product that is vigorously promoted and promoted by the government.

2, the process is simple, easy to use, without an external power supply, can be placed directly in the catalytic liquid bath soak 20-40 minutes, you can form a bright mirror surface.

3, low cost, cost about 10-15 yuan per square meter, only 1/2 electroplating, stainless steel 1/4.

4, with the metal bonding strength, can not afford to peel, not fall off, never rust, both to maintain the original mechanical properties of the metal base, but also increased the wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

5. The surface alloy layer is even and dense. No matter whether it is a surface with complex shapes such as counterbore, deep hole, inner wall of pipe, corners of products, etc., it can be surface-treated without burrs or pores. And these are all impossible to electroplate.

6, copying is good.

7, thickness controllable.

Fourth, catalytic liquid and plating compared

1, no electricity, the cost reduction: the cost is only half of nickel plating, electroplating chromium, one-third, stainless steel, a quarter, can be repeatedly used.

2. Easy to operate, simple process: the metal substrate into the right liquid, "a bubble that is" need to be processed without any treatment

3. Non-pollution, non-toxic and odorless: No waste discharge, belongs to national environmental protection product technology

4. It is easy to handle and easy to use: Inside the metal base with complex shape can be processed.

5. Hardness and hardness: The hardness of the metal substrate soaked in the catalytic liquid is several times that of the electroplating process and can reach 1200HV.

6. Not easy to rust, will not rust: catalytic metal soaked metal base has penetrated into the surface, not from the skin, do not fall off, and plating process is only a layer of surface plating, easy to break rust.

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