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As the basic product of smart homes, smart locks have increased rapidly in sales in the past two years and have received widespread attention from consumers. Smart locks accumulate, and many companies have begun to take the smart lock market. Different brands of smart locks have different performance and advantages. Here we take the smart lock of the Eiffel JL800 as an example to introduce the Eiffel smart lock.

Eiffel fingerprint lock JL800 functional advantages

1, dermis layer fingerprint recognition technology

The fingerprint part of the Shenzhen Eiffel fingerprint lock JL800 product adopts the world's most advanced dermis layer (inner layer of living skin) fingerprint identification technology, to difficult fingers (such as dry fingers, rough fingers, old fingers, dirty fingers, etc.) The recognition rate is high, and the ability to discriminate artificial fingerprints is good.

2. Special key unlocking device

Shenzhen Eiffel fingerprint lock JL800 this lock has a very special key unlocking device: the electronic part of the normal work can not unlock the key, only the electronic part fails, the key can unlock. The unlocking of the key of an ordinary fingerprint lock can work at any time, which is equivalent to reducing the security of the fingerprint lock to the level of an ordinary mechanical lock. The Shenzhen Eiffel fingerprint lock JL800 completely solved this problem and made a major breakthrough in the security of fingerprint locks.

3, advanced design concept

The design of the Shenzhen Eiffel fingerprint lock JL800 adopts international advanced design concepts, reflecting the trend of modern products. The machining of mechanical and electronic parts employs modern high-precision manufacturing processes to ensure quality levels.


Shenzhen Eiffel Fingerprint Lock JL800 Features

1. Radio frequency principle leather fingerprint core technology (area type collector): high recognition rate and prevention of artificial fingerprints

2, password, fingerprint, key 3 ways to open: spare lock worry-free

3, the key works when the electronic part is faulty: the real fingerprint security level

4, with the world bar lock core: explosion-proof anti-mite more secure

5, reliability "no" spring lock core: ultra-quiet action, open the door without sound, wear small, long service life

The above is the feature of the Eiffel Fingerprint Lock JL800 that we introduced for you. We hope to help you. If you want to know more about smart locks, leave a comment below the article!

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