What is our fire brigade?

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1. What is our fire brigade doing?

In general, our fire brigade has two missions: fire prevention and fire fighting. Not to mention fire prevention in advance, fire prevention is a matter of the government and it is a matter of the whole society. However, fire fighting is the matter of the fire brigade.

2. What is fire extinguishing ?

Fire fighting is snoring. It means rushing, killing the fire and saving people. Nothing wins and everything is equal to zero.

We now have a lot of honors and we have a lot of first place. However, we must not be complacent and do not feel like we are very bullish. If a fire broke out, we couldn't pull it out and we couldn't make it. We couldn't fight it and couldn't save it. Well, those honors are all shit, waste paper.

3. What is our real honor?

Our true honor is not obtained by the contest, not by the test, and it is not obtained by patting on the media. Our honor can only be obtained from the battlefield, and it can only be obtained from winning the battle. It can only be obtained from the people. That is, our true honor is the highest honor and a lifetime honor.

The fire brigade is very tired and dangerous. For thousands of days of military support and the use of soldiers for a thousand days, we are the most frequent troops fighting in peacetime. We often have sacrifices and are often tired like dogs. However, our tiredness, our sacrifice, is not our value? Isn't it our glory and pride?

We face many difficulties. Yes, mechanism, system, equipment, technology, culture, etc. If we say difficulty, we can say a few baskets and say that we can't finish it in a few days. However, without difficulties, what are we going to do? What do we need for these Communist Party members and fire officers?

4. What should we do with the fire brigade?

To be clean, invest. If you like fire protection, don't think too much about it. Don't think about those things that promote prosperity. We must have professional feelings, be responsible, have responsibility, have courage, and if the brothers are all thinking about how to fight well, how to fight victories, and those skills and tactics that you want to fight every day, what else can we do? What else can we win?

To admit that sometimes you can't do it, or even not work. After knowing shame and being brave, we have defeated and we must have the courage to admit it. There is no constant victory in the world, or do you have to climb snow-capped mountains or meadows? Objectively speaking, we still cannot win every battle. Our training in fighting is not professional enough. Our experience in the active service system is not continuous enough. Our commander’s entrance is not scientific enough. Our vehicle equipment is not yet sharp enough. There was also a variety of disturbances during the snoring. However, we must not rashly publicize that we are invincible. It seems that firefighters are the gods of the heavens. It will be broken in the morning and in the evening.

Victory is a matter of all things. The brothers of the fire brigade, you are the hardest, you are the most tired, you are the hardest, and you are the most dangerous. Therefore, all of us in the village must learn to love, learn to care, and learn to love our brothers. Don't say that you haven't played well. The board is playing on them and you need to think more about your own problems. When an official child, it is necessary to take the lead to learn combat, study warfare, encourage combat training, and create a culture that respects soldiers. It is necessary to establish rules in terms of policies and systems, to keep the able-to-follow brethren, to give them meritorious service, promotion, vacation, and red envelopes. People and money must be placed on combat and training. No one, no money, win a bird.

There is no shortcut, only honestly. Don’t think about innovation, think about experiences and open meetings. We need craftsmen more. We need to do it most. Individual training, squad training, squadron training, detachment training, one thing to do one thing, one person alone, stupid kung fu arrived, nothing can not be done, nothing more than this.

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