How to use ZTE smart cameras to meet the requirements of using ZTE smart cameras

In recent years, with the popularization of home life intelligence, more and more smart home products have begun to enter ordinary families. Smart cameras replace traditional cameras to ensure the safety of home life. Among the smart camera brands, ZTE smart cameras are among the highly recognized products. Do you know how to use ZTE smart cameras correctly? Today, Xiaobian talks to you about what requirements to use ZTE smart camera operating system and networked broadband.

ZTE Smart Camera

1. ZTE smart camera connection mobile phone requires operating system:

Mobile phone and operating system version requirements currently only support Apple (iPhone) and Android (Android) smartphones, and do not support Windows Phone and Symbian phones.

Android phone compatibility: Requires Android 4.2.4 or higher. Minimum configuration requirements: 4 inch 720P display, 1G running memory.

iPhone compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or higher. Only compatible with iPhone 5 and above, not compatible with iPad, iPod touch.

2. Requirements for connecting network broadband:

Generally, the bandwidth opened by a telecom operator refers to the downlink bandwidth.

The upstream bandwidth can be tested by the broadband speed measurement procedure on the network, or directly by telephone to the broadband service provider. The network when the mobile phone is playing remotely requires the 3G/4G network to be used when the mobile phone plays video remotely. The 2G and CDMA networks cannot support video playback.

Want ZTE smart camera to play its proper intelligent functions, operating system and networked broadband to meet these requirements. Use a smart camera to start with meeting system operating requirements.

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