Wood floor polishing waxing how to do wood floor polishing waxing matters needing attention

Wood floors are beautiful, environmentally friendly and wear-resistant, so wooden floors are very popular with consumers. However, wood floors are relatively expensive and need to be carefully maintained to maintain their brilliance. Everyone knows that wood floors are difficult to maintain, not just maintenance. So, today, to share how to do wood floor waxing and polishing wooden floor polishing and waxing considerations for everyone, here together to understand it!

Wood floor polishing waxing how to do

1, waxing environment preparation

Waxing wood flooring to choose a good weather, to avoid high humidity in the rain and low stability when waxing, if the humidity is too easy to produce white turbidity, and the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius floor wax is easy to harden, unfavorable construction.

2, construction tools and floor wax preparation

Wood floor waxing tool selection is very important, now many people have a small, light weight waxing machine, so that when used is very convenient. If you do not have a waxing machine, you can use dust, soft cloth and other simple tools, do not look at the tool is simple, but the waxing effect is not necessarily poor, but may be more detailed.

3, clean the ground

Before waxing, you need to finish the waxing area furniture. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the floor area to ensure that there is no dust or other stains before waxing to prevent waxing.

4, waxing

Shake the container with the floor wax and stir it evenly. Dip the floor wax thoroughly with a clean cloth. Shake and stir evenly the floor wax. Make a partial trial at the unconspicuous place and confirm that there is no abnormality before waxing. Then use a clean rag or special waxing dust to fully dip the wood floor wax and carefully apply it in the direction of the wood grain of the wooden floor. The speed should not be too fast, do not leak paint or uneven thickness, and keep thin and even.

5, polishing

You can wax twice, after the first pass, and then again. Every time you finish waxing, you must wait for a layer of wax to dry before you can apply a layer of wax. After completely dry, polish the surface with a fine sand or a soft cloth.

Wood floor polishing and waxing matters needing attention

1, sunny waxing

Humidity in wet weather is too wet and waxing can cause cloudiness. So it's best to wax on sunny days.

2, remove the floor surface dirt

Use a vacuum cleaner to make sure the dust on the floor is clear. Dirty stains can be wiped clean with water. To prevent the detergent from accumulating in the grooves, the rag soaked with detergent should be wrung out as much as possible.

3, fully dry

The moisture on the wooden floor surface must be fully dried before it can be waxed. If it is not fully dried, the floor wax will not closely adhere to the floor surface, affecting the appearance and causing whitening.

The above is related to wood floor polishing and waxing and wood floor polishing and waxing matters related to the relevant knowledge, after reading there is no more understanding of this area! Want to learn more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this site information, more More exciting so stay tuned!

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