Operating precautions for electric heating boilers

Electric heating boiler products mainly use electric power as energy, heating, heating, air conditioning or sanitary water through electric heating pipes; electric heating boilers mainly include shell shell, shell seal and electric heating pipe installation pipe. It can adopt modular heating, save energy, easy to install and use, and integrates the latest generation of advanced technologies from all over the world.
Precautions for installation of electric heating boilers:
1. Try to install it in the place where the heat is used most recently and the installation is most convenient.
2. The hot water pipe should not be too long. It should have a good insulation layer. The pipe should be properly inclined from the hot water output end to the end. The water supply source must be equipped with a control valve.
3, the power supply must be equipped with supporting control switch, fuse and reliable protection grounding wire, 380v three-phase four-wire extension (or three-phase five-wire extension), 220v single-phase power supply, wiring standard standard attached to the power line cross-section standard . All wiring must comply with relevant national regulations.
4, the power supply voltage must be controlled within 5%, otherwise it will affect the use of the effect, 380v voltage must be three-phase five-wire power supply, the zero line can not be connected wrong.
5. If the ground wire of the electric hot water boiler is related to the safety of use, a reliable grounding wire should be installed for this purpose. The grounding wire should be piled nearby, the depth is ≥1.5m, and the grounding cable connector should be sintered on the grounding pile head. In order to prevent rust and moisture, the joints to be connected should be 100mm above the ground.
6. If the exhaust gas is to be discharged, the chimney of the boiler should extend to the outside, and the outlet should be 1.5 to 2 m higher than the boiler.
7. When the water quality used does not meet the requirements, softened water equipment should be used. It is strictly forbidden to use deep well water, water containing minerals and sediment, especially in northern sand areas and mountainous areas.

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