Summer planting peanuts should be high-yield, and fertilization management at seedling stage is critical

Summer-sown peanuts have the characteristics of quick emergence, fast growth, early flowering, short flowering period and concentrated concentration. Fertilization management in seedling stage should pay attention to timely topdressing, promote long-root and late flower bud differentiation, and at the same time make up the micro-fertilizer to prevent leaf yellowing.

After entering the seedling stage, summer peanuts grow rapidly and need to increase the amount of fertilizer. It is necessary to supplement the quick-acting nutrients in time, which is conducive to cultivating strong seedlings, promoting the differentiation of flower buds in the early stage, and also promoting the development of rhizobium. The effect of spraying foliar fertilizer is more rapid. It is recommended to use “root positive seedling red”. Especially for the field where the amount of base fertilizer is insufficient and the seedling condition is poor, it should be sprayed 1-2 times in time to promote rooting and seedling faster. Stems and leaves are dark green.

The second point should pay attention to the supplement of trace elements, the lack of iron and zinc in peanut seedlings, which leads to the phenomenon of yellowing. For example, the peanuts in the Huanghuai Plain are iron-deficient and have a large zinc area. In the southern peanuts, there is more iron deficiency, and recently The rain is heavy and the soil permeability is poor, which further exacerbates the lack of iron and seriously affects the yield of peanuts. Therefore, in the peanut seedling period, it is necessary to timely supplement the trace elements such as iron and zinc. For the field with yellowing trend, it is necessary to supplement it. It is recommended that the foliar sprays the grand creature "wonderful chelated iron" to be sprayed in the rainless days. 2-3 times, early application can better prevent yellowing of young leaves in peanut seedlings. The product adopts chelation technology to avoid the problems of poor stability of ordinary iron fertilizer and unsatisfactory application effect. At the same time, it supplements trace elements such as boron and zinc, contains active substances such as amino acids, and has high absorption and utilization rate, prevents yellowing of leaves and promotes root respiration. To make the nutrient absorption smoother, more needles in the late stage, and fuller pods.

In the field management, we should pay attention to the summer peanuts and the buds and nurseries. In the rainy season, we must do the field drainage work.

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