Professor of Three Gorges University developed ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cells

"The battery thickness is reduced by 90%, the use of materials is reduced by 90%, and the photoelectric conversion rate is increased to 16.4%." The reporter learned from the Three Gorges University on the 29th that Professor Tan Xinyu of the university and Dr. Yan Wensheng of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have successfully developed a super thin-film silicon solar cell with a substrate thickness of 16 μm and successfully solved the ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cell. Medium and low absorption, low efficiency issues.

It is understood that crystalline silicon solar cells occupy more than 90% of the photovoltaic market share, with absolute market advantages, but the current market size of crystalline silicon solar cells is about 180 microns in thickness, the need to use large amounts of silicon materials and lead to high production costs The development of ultra-thin crystalline silicon cells has become one of the main technical routes.

Professor Tan Xinyu's cooperation group designed the crystalline silicon solar cell to abandon the commonly used thickness of the crystalline silicon cell substrate, choose ultra-thin crystalline silicon, and finally successfully developed the ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cell, which is only one tenth of the market's cell thickness, using materials. Reduced by 90%.

Professor Tan Xinyu introduced that after thin silicon solar cells are thin, they can easily lead to a decrease in light absorption efficiency and reduce the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells. In response to this problem, the theoretical simulation of the research group was combined with experimental preparation to find the trapping technology that fully bound solar light in the battery, and the original device of the thin-film crystalline silicon solar cell with a conversion rate of 16.4% was obtained. In this field is in the world leading level.

At present, this research result has been published in the form of papers in the internationally renowned journal "Optical Express". Because the light trapping technology of this study is matched with the existing industrial preparation process, the possibility of industrialized large-scale production is greatly improved. (Reporter Wang Zixi)

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