Sprayer maintenance of several major steps

Spraying machines have been widely applied to all walks of life, so do you know how to better maintain the sprayer? Routine maintenance is performed to improve the efficiency of the sprayer. The specific operating conditions are as follows:
First, the sprayer before the operation of the inspection and maintenance 1, check the hopper for debris and slag accumulation.
2. Inspection of spray hoses, nozzles, and air ducts.
3, equipment air transport inspection.
4. Setting of wind pressure and combined air flow Due to the looseness of wind pressure switch components caused during transportation, the pressure spring should be readjusted.
5, Lubricants: Hand oil pump forced refuel several times.
6, motor equipment: including the motor, power supply and transmission lines, electrical control box inspection, the switch should be in the specified state.
Second, the spraying operation inspection 1, air system: check the joint seal, fixed and wind pressure, air volume and work conditions.
2, spray hose, nozzle and duct, check all sealed and fixed conditions. Ducts and spray pipes must not show signs of knotting and damage.
3, electrical equipment to check the instrument, button, air pressure switch, each ball gate, the motor temperature is normal.
4, all bolts, nuts, screws should always check whether loose, found loose and tighten in time.
Third, after the sprayer operation maintenance 1, equipment cleaning and inspection.
2, grouting hose, air duct, nozzle cleaning inspection.
3, the electrical part cuts off the power, examines each part.
4, remove the pressurized nails and rotor, clean and reassemble.
5, other problems found during the operation, cleaning, maintenance and so on.
6, the air compressor cuts off the power, the wind source and closes each valve, examines each part.
Everyone must operate strictly according to the requirements when operating the automatic sprayer. This will increase the lifespan. Qincheng Machinery Equipment Factory is a professional manufacturer of multi-layer dryers, single knife coating machines and uv machines. If necessary, you can log on to the website to consult customer service.

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