Analysis: Composite insulation type fireproof glass performance advantage

At present, the awareness of building fire prevention in China is gradually increasing, but the domestic understanding of fire-resistant glass is relatively simple, and it still stays in the understanding of single-piece fireproof glass. In Europe, fire-resistant glass is divided into single-piece complete fire-retardant glass and composite heat-insulating fire-proof glass. Composite heat-insulating fire-resistant glass has better performance in fireproofing than single-piece complete fireproof glass.

The single piece fireproof glass is a fireproof glass of single layer glass construction. Maintain fire-resistant integrity, block open flames and toxic and harmful gases in a certain period of time, but do not have the function of insulation and heat insulation.

When a fire occurs, the fire surface and the back surface of the ordinary glass will instantly form a large temperature difference. Under such a temperature difference, a strong uneven thermal stress will be generated in 1 and 2 minutes, causing the glass to break, even after physical The tempered glass will be completely broken after 3 or 5 minutes.

After a long time of more than 20 hours of high-temperature ion exchange chemical treatment, the monolithic fire-resistant glass has the characteristics of low thermal expansion rate. The glass softens without breaking at high temperature, maintains integrity, forms a flame barrier and is toxic and harmful. A safety barrier that spreads and spreads gas.

The main market leader for single-piece complete products in Europe is Schott, Germany.

The composite heat-insulating fireproof glass is made up of a multi-layer glass original sheet with a water-soluble inorganic fireproof rubber interlayer laminated, and meets the requirements of fire integrity, fire resistance and heat insulation.

The fireproof principle of the heat-insulating fireproof glass is that when a fire occurs, the special transparent chemical substance in the middle of the heat insulating composite fireproof glass absorbs a large amount of heat in the flame to expand and expand, and at the same time becomes opaque white, effectively blocking The heat generated by the combustion is transmitted from the fire side to the back surface, and the heat radiation of the flame on the glass surface is prevented from being transmitted to the back surface. In this process, the glass remains intact, forming an effective barrier that blocks the spread and spread of high temperature toxic gases from flames, fumes and combustion.

The heat insulation and heat radiation protection function of the composite fireproof glass can protect the escape or rescue personnel in the area of ​​the glass backfire from the high temperature heat and the heat radiation, and prevent the combustible materials and articles in the area. Wood products and carpets are ignited by high temperature and heat radiation for a certain period of time.

Europe has a strict definition of composite heat-insulating fire-resistant glass. It requires that the average temperature rise of the backfire surface is not higher than 140 °C within the required fire-proof time, and the temperature rise at any point is not higher than 180 °C.

In Europe, fireproof glass must be systematically fireproofed with the fireproof frame, not just fireproof glass. At present, the importance of the frame is basically ignored when talking about fireproof glass in China. If the frame is not a fireproof frame, when a fire occurs, The frame has softened and deformed, and even the best fireproof glass has no effect. The frame must be closely linked to the glass and the corresponding frame mounting accessories are also very important.

In Europe, fire-resistant glass usually requires a water jet test. The so-called water dragon water test is to use water taps to spray water on the fireproof glass that has just been subjected to the specified fire test, to see if the glass is broken immediately. The reason for this experiment is that when the firefighters arrive at the scene, the firefighters will extinguish the fire if fire When the glass hits the water and ruptures directly, it is possible that the fire will be transmitted from the fire surface to the back surface when the fire is not extinguished.

Europe requires glass fire protection as well as the following requirements: safety (anti-theft), solar control and thermal control (low-e coating), noise reduction (PVB for sandwich glass), and various pressures (wind) Pressure, snow pressure, etc.), long-term stability. These are only composite fire-resistant glass to meet the requirements. The main market leader in composite heat-insulating glass products in Europe is Pilkington, UK.  

Polypropylene fiber by polypropylene and a variety of organic and inorganic materials, refined by special composite technology, products can be formed in the concrete three-dimensional supporting role to the distribution of the mesh, the micro cracks formed at the beginning of the hardening concrete was blocked in the process of development, to develop further. Thus, it can improve the fracture toughness of concrete and improve the anti-seepage properties of concrete. It is a new ideal material for mortar, concrete engineering, anti-cracking, anti-seepage, wear-resisting and heat preservation.

The anti-cracking ability of the non-structural crack in the plastic stage of concrete is improved.

It is a kind of effective rigid self-waterproofing material.

The range of noil is 0.6-1.8 kg/m3, and the concrete anti-cracking anti-seepage is usually 0.9kg/m3.

Main functions: to prevent concrete cracks, improve the permeability resistance of concrete, improve the freezing-thawing resisting performance of concrete, improve the impact resistance of concrete, folding resistance, fatigue resistance, seismic performance, improve the durability of concrete, aging resistance, improve the fireproof performance of concrete.

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