How long does the cold storage keep fresh?

Several methods of cold storage preservation In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, cold chain logistics has also developed. The development of cold storage is also imperative. China's existing cold storage is very different in design and structure from standard cold storage. The state has no relevant normative policies regarding the construction and operation of cold storage. The informatization construction of cold storage is particularly important.

According to the relevant data of the air-conditioning and refrigeration market, the main reason for the backward construction of China's cold storage is that the material handling management system of China's cold storage has not been popularized. In addition, there are a large number of refrigerators converted from ordinary warehouses, such as a series of defects and safety hazards such as the cold storage loading and unloading platform is too narrow, there is no library door sealing, manual loading and unloading. These hidden dangers on the one hand lead to frequent accidents, on the one hand, the national cold storage has maintained a low level in both energy consumption reduction and environmental maintenance. Therefore, the information management needs of cold storage are also urgent.

Functionally speaking, in addition to the safety of the refrigerator itself. The good operation and maintenance environment of the refrigerator is also to ensure the safe storage of fresh products and foods, and to meet the requirements of food safety. At present, the storage of products in China's cold storage is also extensive, and the daily management of storage and storage is not scientific enough. For example, in daily management, there should be a clear limit on the operation time. If the cold storage door is temporarily opened, it will cause rapid heat exchange inside and outside the cold storage, which not only increases the energy consumption of the cold storage, but also makes the food contact the outside air. Metamorphosis occurred. There are strict regulations and systems for the installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment. As long as they are implemented according to the regulations, there is almost no chance of accidents. In contrast, the cold storage accidents that have not been seen in recent years and not done in accordance with the norms are a major cause.
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Granular carbon processing in the pellet carbon basis is Huahui Company's second series of products. High hardness of pellet carbon can meet different users` demands of various effective particle size of irregular carbon and uniform coefficient.

The high adsorption carbons Granular activated carbon, which is the second main products following pellet carbon of HuaHui Company, can be produced in various distribution, the specification produced through the year includes HP-8X30 (8X30 mesh), HP-12X40,HP-5X7,HP-12X30,HP-20X40 and so on.

Granular Activated Carbon is the extension and supplement on products manufacturing and service of pellet series. This type of activated carbon is finished by machanical breaking and screening of pellet series, therefore, it has the pore characteristics of pellet activated carbon.

Main Technical Parameters of Water Treatment Granular Activated Carbon

Index Moisture Hardness Ash Iodine Methylene Blue Density Floater PH Value
Type (%) (%) (%) (mg/g) (mg/g) (g/L) (%)
HP-8×16 ≤3 ≥90 ≤12 ≥950 ≥180 440±20 ≤2 8-11
HP-8×20 ≤3 ≥90 ≤12 ≥950 ≥180 440±20 ≤2 8-11
HP-8×30 ≤3 ≥90 ≤12 ≥950 ≥180 450±20 ≤2 8-11
HP-8×40 ≤3 ≥90 ≤12 ≥950 ≥180 450±20 ≤2 8-11

Water Treatment Granular Carbon

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