Solomon River flagship store grand opening

On August 16th, the Solomon River flagship store opened grandly. During the opening period, all the products in the store will be discounted for a limited time. Customers are welcome to shop.

The Solomon River flagship store has a wide range of products that can fully meet the ride requirements of customers. If you are working or going to school, you can choose Solomon's road series (C Series), bicycles, stylish design and comfortable car experience to make your way through the city roads. If you are a cycling enthusiast who likes wild adventures, you can choose the rugged Discovery Pavement Series (D-Series) bikes, and the professional frame and tire design can be adapted to any rugged terrain. And if you have both needs, you can choose the mixed pavement series (X series) that takes into account the advantages of the C series and the D series. It can satisfy your usual work and school, but also meet your wild riding.

In addition, in order to celebrate the opening of the store, the store also prepared Jaguar and Mood for Love series special models (do not participate in the 10% discount event), buy cars and also send exquisite accessories (code table, bottle cage, bell, frog lamp, beam bag, car lock, etc.) . Interested friends can go to the Yinhe Bend North Gate store of Jinshan Road, Huanghe Road, Luohe City, Henan Province to test drive.




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