Let 3D printing technology not be so LOW

Being a statue can be done without a sculptor, because there is now a 3D printer. Seven young people in Shenyang combined their invented improved 3D printers and design work to create the “Duanyun Yijian” 3D printing product innovation workshop. The customer only needs to enter the scanning device, take about 160,000 pictures from different angles, and then splicing these photos into a 3D model through computer software. After the computer PS is repaired, the printing program is initially put into the portrait, and finally polished and finished. A realistic 3D "sculpture".

In fact, customizing 3D portraits for customers is just a small part of the business of “Duanyun Yijian”. They mainly print 3D molds for large enterprises. Before the official production of toys, jewelry, handicrafts and other products, it is necessary to first prototype the mold to verify the structure. The mold is made in the traditional way, that is, the method of "subtraction" - the whole piece of material is used to remove the excess part according to the drawing in an artificial manner. In this way, the cost of materials and manpower is relatively large, and the precision of manual operation is low. Once the deviation is wrong, the whole piece of material becomes waste. Taking a small iron craft glass as an example, the traditional method of making a wine cup mold takes one week, and the labor cost plus the material cost is expected to cost 2,500 yuan to mold the mass production. "Duanyun Yijian" can use 3D printing technology to "print" a mold within a few hours. The labor cost plus the material cost is expected to be around 1,000 yuan. Moreover, the use of 3D printing is to convert the computer drawings into the 3D printing system and ensure the accuracy.

The members of the “Duanyun Yijian” team are all middle school students, and their majors include circuit electronics, mechanical engineering, and art design. In a discussion at a party, they found that the current production of electronic or mechanical products on the market originated from the South. The market share of the northern products was small because of the lack of product design. So they decided to form a product upgrade R&D team. After market research, they established “Shenyang Duanyun Product Design Co., Ltd.” in May 2010. The main job is to provide industrial design and new function development for the products of Northeast production enterprises. Lu Nan, general manager of research and development, said that in the past, the manufacturing of the model in the design process should be sent to some cities in the south. Taking a small model model as an example, it usually takes 1,500 to 3,000 yuan to be handed over to a Shenzhen manufacturer, and it takes a certain amount of time to make and send back and forth. They intend to develop 3D printing technology to change this "trouble" process, and in September 2014 registered "Shenyang Duanyun Yijian Technology Co., Ltd." to manufacture 3D printers.

After preliminary market research, Lu Nan found that the finished product and the bottom surface of the 3D printer on the market are too tightly connected, and it is very difficult to remove the finished product from the bottom every time. This is a common problem in FDM molding machines, and it is also a very annoying problem in the world. A US company uses a relatively flexible plastic sheet as the bottom surface. After the product is printed, the finished product can be removed by bending the bottom surface. This plastic sheet also has a bending life, and each plastic sheet can be bent more than 100 times. In order to solve this problem, the R&D team decided to use the mechanical structure to remove the printed product after trial and development. This mechanical structure is expected to be used tens of thousands of times.

Polishing and polishing is a necessary part of the process from 3D printing to finished product sales. The traditional image-repairing knife will inevitably leave traces when repairing the details. Lu Nan and the team's hot knife can effectively avoid this situation. The hot knife melts the repaired part of the material while repairing the image, which has achieved the purpose of improving the repair effect and leaving no trace of cooling. Both of the above technologies have been declared national patents. In terms of material innovation, the R&D team is primarily customer-oriented. Customers need to make gears, they mainly choose nylon-based self-lubricating materials; if they need to do heat-resistant products, they will add inorganic substances to achieve flame retardant effect. In addition, the team is actively exploring and learning with factories and colleges, and will consider printing ceramic clay, concrete and carbon fiber materials in the future.

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