Network Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System

Network Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System

In high technology today, the access control system has become an extremely important part of the security system. In some developed countries, the access control system is developing at a much higher rate than other types of security products. The reason why access control systems can be used in many security systems The fundamental reason why the product stands out is that it has changed passive security methods such as closed-circuit monitoring and anti-theft alarms in the past. Active control has replaced passive surveillance, and control of major channels has greatly prevented criminals from getting normal. The intrusion of the channel, and can be used to stop the crime or reduce the loss by restricting the range of movement of the offender through the control of the access door when the crime occurs.

In recent years, due to its own advantages, access control systems have emerged quietly in China. Examples include the use of access control systems for various types of venues, including post and telecommunications systems, power supply systems, banking systems, residential communities and resorts. The use of it greatly improves the efficiency of the manager's work and the degree of safety in the management area.

Nowadays, the commonly used access control systems mainly include biometrics (fingerprints, palm shapes, irises, etc.) and systems represented by radio frequency card systems. Although traditional access control systems represented by radio frequency cards can take some effect, in essence, It is the "object" held by the inspector, not the verification of himself. As long as the validity of the "object" is confirmed, the person holding the "item" is considered to be legal. Therefore, the problem of using "materials" to recognize people is obvious. One is that the loss of "property" will prevent legitimate persons from being legally verified; second, the theft of "property" will prevent illegal people from being legally verified.

With the continuous development of biometrics technology and the continuous decline in prices, people are increasingly relying on themselves and others to prove their identity. Through this set of access control system, your company can achieve a clear definition of the authority of personnel. Whether it is internal or external personnel, you can clearly define the scope of free access through the setting of authority, and record the entry and exit of personnel. In order to prepare for inquiries, the pressure of personnel management is greatly relieved, and the effect of saving manpower in the case of improving safety can be achieved.


First, set the target point

It is mainly installed at various demand points, including the security of important gates, the management and control of departments requiring confidentiality, and the control of company gates.

Second, the management model

According to the actual needs of customers, the access control machine can work offline, and it can also be networked and managed.

Third, product selection

In this program, we mainly use optical independent fingerprint access control attendance machine

Independent fingerprint access attendance machine: domestic, can work completely offline. Can also be networked for management, using optical fingerprint technology, integrated TCP / IP protocol, networking is simple, easy management. Access control and time and attendance systems can be done at the same time.

Fourth, network type fingerprint attendance attendance machine

(I) Product Description

The network type fingerprint access attendance machine is an optical offline network type fingerprint access control/attendance machine based on internet technology. Its core covers the two most advanced technologies at present; Internet network communication and biometric identification; it will handle high-speed network processing microcontrollers and embedded optics. The perfect combination of fingerprint identification system brings a new generation of fingerprint access control and attendance system that is safe, convenient, stable and cheap.

The network type fingerprint access attendance adopts a new generation of optical fingerprint sensor, which has a more stable performance and can adapt to the operation of a complex environment. Independent fingerprint access attendance machine uses Ethernet networking mode to meet the networked application. Using advanced TCP/IP transmission protocol, the communication is more stable and the transmission rate is higher.

The network type fingerprint access attendance machine embodies the "people-oriented" design concept; two lines of Chinese liquid crystal display, 30-degree bevel fingerprint acquisition window, two installation methods, two kinds of gated output interfaces, Chinese SMS, and real-time rolling announcement information And so on are from the perspective of user-friendly.

(B) System Function

Fingerprint door open, more security;

Independent and continuous work, good stability

Support multi-user, multi-sector combination opening;

Time-phased management makes management more scientific;

Does not close the door to remind; power-off prompt function.

Have an output alarm finger, if someone is forced to open the door, you can use it to make it alarm;

Support remote access, allowing you to manage thousands of miles away;

With the SMS feature, if you need to notify a colleague or post some news, you can enter it directly on the computer. When a colleague opens the door with a machine, you can have a look at your message.

With attendance software, fingerprint access/attendance integration can be achieved.

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