Pipeline pump maintenance and fault maintenance

Pipeline pump is a kind of centrifugal pump composed of motor, pump seat, impeller, pump shaft, mechanical seal and other original components. With the increasing use of such products, the problems and failures exposed by the pipe pump Also got more attention. Pipeline pump maintenance and fault maintenance is the use of pipe pump core work, which should attract more users attention. Pipeline pump maintenance and fault maintenance 1, pipeline pump maintenance: (1) all the components to be installed scrub clean. (2) Install a mechanical seal on the motor shaft, add a small amount of clean turbine oil or 20 # oil to the surface of the mechanical seal with the static and static fit. (3) Install impeller, fasten with impeller nut. 2, the maintenance of the pipeline pump fault: (1) the maintenance of the pipeline pump fault in operation: the inlet pipe must be filled with liquid, forbid the hot-water pipeline pump in the cavitation state long-term operation. Regularly check the motor current 値, must not exceed the motor 颔 rated current. Hot water pipe pump for long-term operation, due to mechanical wear and tear, so that the unit noise and vibration increases, the parking should be checked, if necessary, replace the vulnerable parts and bearings, unit overhaul period is generally one year. (2) mechanical seal fault maintenance: mechanical seal lubrication should be clean without solid particles. Mechanical seals are strictly prohibited in the case of dry grinding work. Before you start, you should coil the triumphal hot water pipeline pump (motor) a few times before starting, so as to avoid the graphite ring breaking damage caused by sudden start. Seal leakage tolerance of 3 drops / min. Otherwise, check. After years of development in our economy and science and technology, we already have a very deep foundation. These are the fruits of hard work by our predecessors. However, the use of each type of equipment can not be smooth. Like human beings, they require some maintenance and fault maintenance, which can not only ensure the safety of the equipment but also ensure the service life of the equipment.

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