The perfect combination of Merigue mattress tradition and innovation

The Medicoil mattress is owned by TheraPedic Group of the United States. The Therapedic Group was founded in 1957 in New Jersey, USA . It is one of the top eight mattress brands in the United States and one of the top five bed products brands. It has been focusing on one thing for half a century. For the production of the world's best sleep products. Medicoil believes in innovation, so Medico's mattresses use the latest in sleep technology and craftsmanship, and Medicoli believes that the best products in the world are still handmade. That's why every step of Myrique's mattress making is a perfect combination of hand and machine, and only the best materials are used. This focus and persistence supports the Medicom to produce superior mattress products that are comfortable and durable, giving you a better night's sleep.

In recent years, Therapedic Group has expanded rapidly and its ranking in the international mattress industry continues to climb, but Medicomel has never forgotten its fundamentals and values ​​of success. Merrigue’s focus on mattresses, innovation and The quality has been consistent for half a century. The materials of Meaicoil mattresses have always been an important component of product quality. The natural, healthy and comfortable material supply system is strictly reviewed and tested to ensure that the quality of each mattress is consistent and can withstand every consumption. Test and test. Ge, Borreggine, CEO of Therapedic Group, said: "Our success stems from us: unwavering commitment to the production of quality mattresses and sleep related products. In our minds, consumer demand for mattresses is of the utmost importance. We are a combination of quality and value around the world."

According to experts, the sleep condition will be affected by various factors such as physical, psychological and biological rhythms, and the environment and climatic conditions will also play a role in sleep quality. To have a healthy and good sleep, you must establish a scientific sleep concept, not only need to adjust your own psychology, but also need to choose safe, comfortable and healthy bedding products.

As a leader in scientific sleep, Meddcoil has been committed to providing consumers with an effective overall sleep solution. In the course of nearly half a century of development, Medicoli relies on its own large-scale sleep research and development: a team of engineers, and cooperates with many industry-leading institutions and experts to continuously innovate in the field of scientific sleep. It has achieved nano bamboo charcoal and far infrared heat treatment. Many scientific and technological innovations such as net sleep technology, as well as in-depth and meticulous research on the sleep of the Chinese public. According to the survey, the family's happiness index is closely related to the quality of sleep and affects each other.

Medicoil US power grid commitment to consumers to buy any mattress a Medicoil US power grid and power grid Medicoil US brand bedding and pillows. You can rest assured that you will have one of the world's best mattress on the bed and supplies Stay with you every night. Medicoil, the American mattress, helps you buy the Chinese dream!

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Double horizontal wire fence specification:

Wire diameter: 5/4/5mm, 6/5/6mm, 8/6/8mm

mesh size: 50*200mm

length: 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 3000mm

height: 1030mm, 1230mm, 1530mm, 1830mm, 2030mm

Post size:

peach post: 50*70*1.2mm, 70*100mm*1.2mm

CM post: 50*65*1.2mm,    65*95mm*1.2mm

Square post: 50*50*1.5/2.0mm     60*60*1.5/2.0mm

Fitting: steel clips, plastic clip, rain hat

Common color: RAL6005 green, RAL9005 Black, RAL9010 White, RAL7030 Grey, RAL3020 Red, RAL1023 Yellow

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electric galvanized then powder coating, hot dip galvanized then powder coating

Double Horizontal Wire Fence

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