Laos red rosewood latest price list

According to the survey, Siamese rosewood is one of the favorite redwood varieties of consumers in the 21st century, and the red Laozhi rosewood in the red rosewood is more popular among consumers, but what is the price of Laohong red rosewood? What? Below, GO Jiaju carefully introduces you to the latest price list of Lao Siamese rosewood .


What is Laos Siamese Rosewood

Laos red rosewood scientific name Sian Dalbergia. Wood and color are similar to lobular rosewood, the annual ring pattern is straight filament, the blinking is larger than the red sandalwood, and the color is similar to the red color. The wood is hard and delicate, and it can sink in water. It usually takes more than 500 years to be used. The most obvious difference from other woods is that the wood grain often has dark brown or black stripes in the deep red, giving a feeling of antique.

Laos red rosewood has room for appreciation. Different specifications and prices vary. The bigger and thicker the log is, the larger the appreciation space is; the smaller the white skin, the wider and longer, the larger the appreciation space. But it is difficult to find big materials on the market.


Laos red rosewood logs latest price list

The price of Laohongsian rosewood logs in different markets is also different. The following is a small series of the latest prices for the Laohong rosewood in Xianyou and Dongyang markets.

Laos red rosewood logs in the existing market


Laos red rosewood logs price in Dongyang market


Laos red rosewood furniture latest price list

The prices of logs vary in different markets. Of course, Laos rosewood furniture has different prices in different markets.

Laos red rosewood furniture price in Xianyou market


Laos red rosewood furniture price in Dongyang market


The above is the latest price of Laos Siamese rosewood. I hope to help you. If you want to know more about furniture, please pay attention to GO Jiaju Furniture Network.

Source: GO Jiaju

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Laos red rosewood latest price list  

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