What do you think of the induction cooker being abandoned because of too much radiation?

Once upon a time, the induction cooker was popular because of its ease of use, but it didn't take long before the rumors radiated too much. In addition to the small partners who graduated from renting houses and some small partners who were inconvenient to use other cooking methods at home, the induction cooker was mostly People abandoned. Is the induction cooker radiation really big? Is it so harmful to our health?

The radiation frequency generated by the induction cooker is about 17% of the signal of the mobile phone, and the radiation power is relatively smaller than the signal of the mobile phone we usually use. Therefore, in terms of radiation intensity, the general induction cooker radiation is not very large.

However, the electromagnetic oven may have electromagnetic wave leakage problems. This leakage will greatly increase the amount of radiation in the induction cooker. After a long time, it will affect our health.

In addition, the radiation of the induction cooker may affect us within a certain range, but it will decrease as the distance increases. This distance is about 40cm. So if you don't want to be affected by the radiation from the induction cooker, it will be fine if you stand a little farther.

Of course, we must also remind everyone that the radiation harmful to the body is ionizing radiation. Relatively speaking, the electromagnetic radiation is much smaller, so everyone does not need to panic. As long as it is used correctly and purchases regular induction cooker products, it will basically not cause too much damage to the body. Great influence.

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