Shengao Furniture tells you the purpose and advantages and disadvantages of office curtains

Shengao Furniture News News Room curtains are commonly used in roller blinds, aluminum louvers, wood louvers, curtains, fabric curtains and electric curtains. So what are the uses, advantages and disadvantages of each type of curtain? Let's take a look at the St. Austrian furniture .


First, the introduction of office curtains

Office curtains are curtains used in public places in the office. They are divided into wooden louvers, aluminum louvers, roller blinds, fabric curtains, curtains and electric curtains. Office curtains are curtains that are installed inside the office. Mainly based on roller blinds and curtains.

Second, the types of office curtains

Early vertical curtains and PVC venetian blinds. Commonly used roller blinds, aluminum blinds, wood blinds, electric curtains and fabric opening and closing curtains.


Third, the use of various office curtains and advantages and disadvantages

1. Vertical blind is one of the earliest types of office curtains. The advantages are good air permeability, relatively convenient installation and simple style. The disadvantage is that the shading effect is poor and easy to damage. Not suitable for installation on windows with strong sunlight. The hospital used curtains and curtains for a little more, and it was slowly eliminated in 2013. Recommended for use in conference rooms or leading office areas.

2, plastic venetian blinds are also used earlier on the family balcony and office curtains, the advantages are easy to install, easy to clean, rich colors. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high and it is easy to cause indoor darkening. Not suitable for the needs of modern office space. It is recommended to use it in the storage room or in the lead office area.

3, roller blinds are more mainstream office curtains in 2010. The advantages are rich variety, moderate price, generous and simple, good shading performance and convenient installation. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. However, in 2012, there were also many kinds of roller blinds, which were easy to clean with water. Rolling curtains will be divided into three kinds of bead curtains and spring positioning curtains and electric curtains in 2012. And there are different specifications such as ultra-thin, sunshade and thickening. Mainly divided into full shading, semi-shading, that is, sun roller blinds. It is the best choice for office curtains. Full blackout roller blinds are recommended for use in sunny windows or office areas. If the other light is not very strong or a certain light transmission effect is required, a semi-shading roller blind can be used.

4. The development of grades is relatively complete. In 2012, many office spaces and hotel washrooms were used. The advantages of aluminum alloy blades are easy to clean, and the operating levers and blades are also prone to damage. In 2012, a new type of operating system has solved this problem very well. It adopts the control method of the roller blind, which is assembled and closed on a drawstring, which is both beautiful (because it is installed on the side) and convenient and durable. There are several kinds of wood louvers, such as logs and imitation wood. Whether it is logs or environmentally-friendly materials, high imitation wood is expensive, and foreign customers have more demand. It is recommended to use it in the office area or in the leadership office.

5, opening and closing curtains and curtains, home users conference rooms, stage curtains, etc. are mostly used, heat insulation and sound insulation effect is good, but it is not convenient to clean, mostly used in hotel rooms and other places.

6, electric curtains are the inevitable trend of home intelligent development, can be divided into wired wire control and wireless remote control two, easy to operate, maintenance requires a certain technical content. It is a relatively high-grade office curtain, mostly used in high-level clubs, hotels, villas, etc. The main advantage is the ease of use and style. The disadvantages are expensive.

The above is the use of office curtains and the advantages and disadvantages of the information, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to the St. Austrian furniture .

Source: Shengao Furniture

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