The advantages and disadvantages of rosewood, celebrity home furniture tells you

Celebrity Home Furniture News News Everything has its two sides, and furniture is no exception. Rosewood furniture is widely loved by consumers because of its easy processing, non-deformation, and woody pain and hemostasis. But rosewood is not perfect. Below, celebrity furniture tells you what are the advantages and disadvantages of rosewood.


The advantages of rosewood

The rosewood is not easy to dry, the sapwood and the heartwood have large differences in string shrinkage, corrosion resistance and friction resistance, rosewood has strong nail holding power, good mechanical strength, and is easy to engrave and process, smooth shaving, good bonding and finishing properties.

It is not easy to corrode, resists friction, the overall structure of the furniture is firm, the engraving patterns are very delicate, the paint is not easy to fall off, the furniture is not easy to change color, etc., and the collection value is relatively high.

Fancy furniture weakness

It is easy to suffer from insect mites. If it is old rosewood furniture, there may be insect eyes in some places; however, the materials are scarce, so the price is rare, and the price of rosewood furniture is relatively high.

The price of rosewood furniture is relatively high, because the cherished degree of rosewood also leads to the rise in the price of rosewood furniture. Rosewood is a treasured wood. Therefore, the products produced are better than other materials because of the collection value. Going up, so the price will follow.

In the collection world, the rosewood collection is actually an abbreviation for the old antique collection of rosewood old furniture. Since the 1990s, Ming and Qing furniture have become precious cultural relics due to their exquisite artistic attainments and rich humanistic historical values, which has led more and more collectors to turn their attention to it. Many collectors will even These old furniture are researched and researched in different categories to explore the craftsmanship and historical value of Chinese classical furniture.

The above is the relevant information of rosewood, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to the celebrity home furniture

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Active Ingredient:     Quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant 
Chemical Name:       Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent  
Chemical Family:     PolyDADMAC

CAS No.:                   26062-79-3  

1.Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent 

2.Has no free formaldehyde,no peculiar smell,no irritation to skin, accord to eco request  



        Formaldehyde-free Fixative Color Fixing Agent is belongs to polymerization polyDADMAC, a cationic polymer. It can make up of macromolecular compound with dye, then achieve to improve soaping and rub fastness of fabrics. It can be used for color fixing for dyeing and printing of reactive dyed fabrics as cotton, linen, silk, and direct dyed fabrics.



              Appearance:  Brownish yellow viscous liquid

              Ionic character:  Cationic

              PH Value:  5-8 (1% aqueous solution)

              Dissolution:  Dissolve in cold water easily.

              Composition: Special polymer compound


[Dilution Method]:

With 4-6 times the water and stir to dissolve dilution.


[Direction for Usage]:(To dilute finished product as an example)

A. Padding Process: 5-20g/L, temperature 40°C-60°C, PH Value:5-8, One-dip-one-nip or Double-dip-double-nip.

B. Dipping process: 1-4% (O.W.F), Room temperature 40°C-60°C, PH Value:5-8, bath ratio:1:8-12,Time: 20-30 min.


1. Concentrated Formaldehyde-free Fixative Fixing Agent has good color fixing property, can obviously improve the dyeing or printing of fabric soaping, washing fastness and wet rubbing fastness.

2. Can be used for much of the association between dye fixation, anti fading property, does not affect the dyeing or printing of fabric vividness. No effect for the original feel, processing fabric has excellent hydrophilic.

3. Formaldehyde-free Fixative  widely used for dyeing or printing of the direct, active dye fixing finishing, good fixation effect, especially for the red dye and Cuilan dyes, particularly prominent, fixation is better than the general Formaldehyde-free Fixative.

4. The dye PH value for a wide range, acid, alkali resistance, resistance to hard water, high temperature resistance, an environment-friendly products, does not contain formaldehyde.


Appearance: Colorless, Transparent Colloid
Viscosity: 100cps-80000cps
Solid Content: 40%min.
PH (30% solution):

3 - 7

Ionic Nature:


Specific Gravity: About 1.1


Packaging & Shipping


Package and Storage:

  1. It is harmless, no-flammable and non-explosive, it can be stored at room temperature, it can not be placed in the sun.
  2. It is packaged in plastic drums with each containing 25kg, 210kg, 1100kg , or others according to the requirements of clients.
  3. Storage temperature: 5-30°C.
  4. The product would show slightly stratification or appear white at low temperature. There is no negative impact on the performance after mixing up.

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