How to prevent theft of motor vehicles

1. When choosing a car, choose a vehicle equipped with a central lock or an alarm device. If there is no such device, you should consider installing an alarm system or steering wheel lock yourself.

2. Vehicles should be parked in a special parking lot, and not on dark stairs or street corners.

3. Check whether all doors and windows are locked before the car is turned off.

4. Don't leave valuables in the car. Handbags, cameras and even change in the car will attract the thieves' attention. They will break the window glass and steal the money.

5. When someone talks to you by photographing your car door, be careful that he has an associate who steals from your unlocked doors and windows.

6. Never leave children alone in the car.

7. Carrying permits and other documents should be carried with you, not on the car.

8. No matter how long you leave, you must put on an anti-theft lock when you park your motorcycle.

9. Don't put valuables in the tail box of the motorcycle, thieves can even open your tail box and steal while waiting at the red light.

10. Do not hang your handbag on your shoulder or hang it on the handlebar when driving a motorcycle.

11. Before picking up a car in a secluded place, look around for suspicious people.

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