Oka furniture: various ceiling materials comparison and price

Oka Furniture Newsletter Common ceiling materials are: gypsum board, PVC board, aluminum plate, mineral wool board, PS board, etc. So, do you know the difference and price between them? Below, Oka Furniture Xiaobian will introduce the choice of common ceiling materials and the price of some ceiling materials.


First, the choice of bathroom ceiling materials

The bathroom ceiling can not only make up for the lack of the original building structure, but also greatly pursue the decorative effect. Some people visually compare the bathroom ceiling to the bathroom hat, so it is the same as fashion, and it keeps changing. To decorate the bathroom, the most important thing is to choose the ceiling material.

1. Sheet VS aluminum gusset:

The popular PVC sheet is a kind of extruded material. The production trace is obvious, and it lacks individuality, less change, lower grade, and less harmonious with the indoor environment. The aluminum gusset plate is formed by one-time stamping with a lightweight aluminum plate, and the outer layer is coated with a paint lacquer. It will not fade after long-term use, and the construction is relatively simple. The color is rich, can provide a variety of choices for the main person, and there will be no bending or intermediate falling after installation, ensuring a smooth, and reducing unnecessary expenses for replacement. Experts suggest that a smaller area of ​​the bathroom can choose a strip of sheet metal, which can increase the feeling of openness. Large square rooms can be selected with a variety of square plates. No matter which shape, it can achieve a strong decorative effect.

The ceiling of the bathroom is generally covered with a laminate to form a flat ceiling. In order to increase the change and beauty of the ceiling, the following treatment methods can also be used: firstly, the wooden tube is used to wrap up to form a false beam; then a plurality of wooden boards are added in the middle of the artificial beam to form a plurality of parallel trabeculae; An aluminum gusset is placed between the trabeculae to allow light to pass from above. This ceiling design is not to cover the pipe, but to highlight the spatial layering of the beam and the plate.

2. There are many brands in the market, and the price is more important.

There are many metal ceiling brands in the building materials market, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. According to experts, the quality of the metal ceiling is determined by the materials, paint process and structure. Generally, the aluminum gusset plate is made of high-quality aluminum ingots and added with appropriate magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and silicon. Made up of other elements. Aluminum alloys are designed to increase the practical value of aluminum, which is both strong and has good toughness.
It is best matched with different wide and narrow strips and square plates of different sizes. There is a corresponding metal keel support to ensure that the edge of the board after hoisting is even and smooth. When selecting, look at several aspects: the flatness of the board; the accuracy when the board is embedded with the keel; whether it is double-sided baking; whether there is any color difference. High is also very important. If you have a low room, you can't fully hang the top, otherwise you will feel depressed.


Second, the kitchen ceiling material selection top material: gusset is worth considering

Experts point out that no matter which material is chosen for the ceiling, it must be fireproof and not deformed. At present, the ceiling materials for kitchens in the building materials market are mainly plastic gussets and aluminum gussets. Among them, plastic

The board is cheap, but there are fewer choices. The aluminum gusset plate is very beautiful. The common ones are square plates and long strips. The color of the spray is rich, and the choice is large, but the price is more expensive. In addition, experts specially reminded that if a ceiling lamp is used, a partition should be made when the lamp is embedded in the ceiling to prevent the heat generated by the lamp from deforming the ceiling.
Kitchen ceiling material prices:

PVC board: the price is about tens of yuan per square meter. (PVC board is mainly used in the bathroom or kitchen, the price is relatively cheap, the weight is light, it can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-mite. The color pattern is more, mostly plain. Please select such materials, please pay attention to the surface without cracks and scratches. The tongue and groove are flat. The disadvantage is that the high temperature resistance is not strong.
Aluminum gusset ceiling material price

Domestic aluminum gusset price: about 60 yuan / square meter, the price of imported aluminum gusset plate is about 200 yuan.

Aluminum gusset plate is a new type of ceiling material. Its use in home decoration is mainly used in the bathroom or kitchen. Its performance is not only fireproof and moisture proof, but also anti-corrosion, anti-static, sound-absorbing, sound-proof, beautiful and durable. It is a superior ceiling material. . The commonly used shapes are long shape, square shape, etc. The surface has two kinds of plane and punching. The difference between the two is mainly in hardness. The aluminum buckle plate is mainly used to see the gloss thickness of the paint film.
The price of mineral wool board ceiling is 20 to 50 yuan per square meter. It has good sound absorption performance, sound absorption, heat insulation and fire prevention. It is generally used in public places and is also used by families. PS board is a new type of imported material. It has various colors, high elasticity and light weight. Because it has good light transmission, it is mainly used for illuminating ceilings, and the price is between 100 and 200 yuan per square meter.


Third, the choice of living room ceiling material

Because the decorative effect of the living room ceiling is relatively strong, it is generally better to use a gypsum board ceiling.

1. Why is the living room ceiling with gypsum board ceiling material better?
The gypsum board ceiling has a light texture, low price, convenient construction, and strong decorative effect, and the moisture-proof performance of the gypsum board ceiling is relatively poor, and it is not suitable for being placed in a kitchen space such as a kitchen or a bathroom. It is more suitable to use aluminum buckle plates with good fireproof and moisture proof properties in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

2. Which gypsum board ceiling is better for the living room ceiling?
Gypsum board ceiling is divided into light steel keel gypsum board ceiling and wooden keel gypsum board ceiling

If the living room needs all the ceilings, it is better to use the light steel keel gypsum board ceiling. In addition, if your home is a villa, you must use a light steel keel gypsum board ceiling. Generally, the neutral or small living room uses a wooden keel gypsum board ceiling because of the plaster. The board ceiling material is not only cheap, but the most important point is that it can be made into a variety of ceiling styles. This is just right for the living room ceiling to require decorative and flexible performance.

The above is the relevant information about the ceiling material and price. For more information on furniture, please pay attention to the Oka furniture.

Source: Oka Furniture

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