Prevo Valves - Division of Explosion Protection Classes

Prevo valve explosion-proof level:


Electrical equipment of the XX gas mixture cannot ignite during normal operation, one fault and two faults.

In normal operation, the safety factor is 2;

When failing, the safety factor is 1.5;

When two faults occur, the safety factor is 1.

Note: Contact sparks must be added to the enclosure, airtight enclosure or doubled to increase the safety factor.


The electrical equipment of the XX gas mixture cannot be ignited during normal operation and failure.

In normal operation, the safety factor is 2, and the safety factor when the fault is fault is 1.5.

In normal operation, the spark contactor must be provided with an explosion-proof enclosure or airtight enclosure and there is a fault self-display measure. The safety factor is 1.

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Prevod Valves (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has gained years of experience in field applications, researching and designing products that meet the stringent requirements of today's fluid handling industry, and we have won the highest quality product value, personalized service and on-time delivery. A very good reputation. Our success is based on a complete, full range of control valves. The main products: pneumatic control valve, electric control valve, self-operated control valve, pneumatic angle seat valve, pneumatic diaphragm valve, solenoid valve, etc.

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