Misha furniture helps you design a new Chinese bedroom

Mi Xia New Chinese Furniture Newsletter The Chinese-style decorative design gives a feeling of calmness. The new Chinese-style decoration after the traditional Chinese decoration is improved combines the elements of modern decoration, and the modern aesthetic and fashion are perfectly integrated into it. The following small series will bring you 4 bedroom Chinese-style decoration renderings , to give you a small reference.


Bedroom Chinese decoration effect picture 1

This bedside wall is dreamy and stylish, with yellow and purple matching bedding, which blends simplicity with style. The bedside lamp with a classical Chinese pattern is well combined with modern elements.

Bedroom Chinese decoration effect picture 2

The fresh and elegant ink paintings decorate the bedroom walls, echoing the large lotus decorative paintings on the closet, and the traditional Chinese literary atmosphere sweeps across the bedroom. The stylish crystal chandelier on the ceiling brings a modern touch to traditional Chinese decor.

Bedroom Chinese decoration effect picture three

The unique bedside wall decoration gives a very pleasant enjoyment. The gray TV background wall is decorated with green plastic bamboo, giving a fresh and natural feeling. The traditional wine cell in Chinese culture is used to decorate the corner of the bedroom, making the whole space full of Chinese charm.

Bedroom Chinese decoration effect picture four

This bedroom is decorated in a light-colored main color. There is no gorgeous decoration and no extra decoration. The round Chinese art painting on the bedside wall makes the whole space stand out for simple intellectual beauty.

Xiaobian's introduction to the Chinese-style decoration renderings of the bedroom is here. I hope to bring you help. If you want to know more, please pay attention to the new Chinese furniture network.

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