Yale smart lock 4109 price - Yale smart lock 4109 is proportional to the price and performance

Yale smart lock and other brand smart lock want to compare, in fact, a few with the performance of the people. Which 4109 series is one of the most popular products, Yale smart lock 4109 price has been compiled for everyone. Let's take a look at the detailed introduction

Yale smart lock 4109 price display

Yale ydm4109 fingerprint lock home password smart lock external reference price 2500 yuan

Yale Yale4109 fingerprint lock code lock home security door smart lock reference price 2899

Yale fingerprint lock / home electronic password / smart lock anti-theft lock YDM4109 Reference price 5399

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Yale smart lock 4109 performance

1.. Smart touch screen

Using Yale's advanced technology of electronic locks, the keyboard digital flash technology.

The most comprehensive Yale smart lock feature summary

2. Prompt voice

The inconvenience of using fingerprint/fingerprint registration and other functions of fingerprint locks is unique. The unique voice prompt function of Yale electronic lock makes the user's operation easier to understand.

3. Safety handle

The interior handle is provided with a safety button. When the button is pressed and the handle is turned, the door opens and the safety is secured.

4. Durability

Yale Electronic Lock has strict testing standards for durability testing to ensure it can be used more safely. All Yale electronic locks must pass extremely strict usability testing programs before they are put on the market and sold to customers.

5. Smart display

Touch screen operation, screen smart display operating status, in case of low voltage and other situations, the screen is displayed, intelligent intelligent control.

6. Simple scanning

Easy fingerprint scanning is enabled, and technology-leading scanning methods can effectively reduce residual fingerprints and greatly reduce the possibility of fingerprints being copied. Safe exclusive.

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