Small apartment simple decoration skills 50 flat two bedroom decoration Raiders

Small-sized units are now the mainstream choices for housing units. Of course, the reason for the popularity of small-sized units is not because of the good type of housing, but more because the family population is now more and more simple and the current housing prices are getting more and more expensive. How should the 50-flat two-bedroom house be renovated? The following Xiao Bian brings you a small apartment simple decoration technique.

Small apartment simple decoration techniques 1, space planning

The size of a 50-square-meter apartment is relatively limited. If you want to design it as a two-bedroom apartment, the area of ​​each functional space may be even narrower. At this time, space planning and design must be performed. Designed in conjunction with the kitchen, with a shoe compartment in the middle to make the partition, not only can make good use of space, but also increase the storage.

Small apartment simple decoration skills 2, entrance design

If the entrance hallway is a corridor pattern, you can use both sides to make up the cabinets. You can not only store shoes, but also can accommodate some daily necessities, clothing and so on. Of course, if the width of the corridor is limited, only one wall will be chosen to build the cabinet. If the cabinet is to be topped, it is better to be divided into two combinations, leaving the middle blank, so that there will be more space and no sense of depression.

Small size simple decoration skills 3, kitchen open design

50 square meters of apartment type, the kitchen is likely to be less than 3 square meters, so it can be connected with the living room design, the cabinet can be a font, or L-shaped open design, can also be placed on the side of the refrigerator, when the kitchen activities space Basically it is shared with the living room, which saves a lot of space.

Small size simple decoration skills 4, coffee table instead of table

According to the design mentioned above, between the kitchen and the living room, basically, the dining table cannot be put down. At this time, the coffee table can be used instead of the dining table. Selecting a collapsible dining table as a coffee table is very space-saving, and it is practical and versatile. It is also very convenient to fold away when not in use.

Small apartment simple decoration skills 5, bedroom design

If the master bedroom space is more spacious, you can choose the embedded wardrobe design, which can also put down the wall-mounted TV, the entire space looks more simple and spacious, for the master bedroom with windows, you can design a small desk against the window, with For daily learning and work, it can also be used as a dressing table.

If it is a bay window, it can also be used as a locker, reflecting more storage designs, incorporating things, and making space more spacious. The second bedroom is small in size and can be fitted with a number of partitions on the wall surface of the bedside. It is not only beautiful, but also contains many items, which is very practical.

Small apartment simple decoration skills 6, bathroom design

In general, 50 square meters of space, the bathroom is very mini, it is best not to do wet and dry separation, otherwise looking at the space is even smaller, you can install a draperies, pull on the bath can also play wet and dry The role of the partition. Do not waste space above the toilet, you can do more storage design.

Editor's Note: The above is about 50 square meters small apartment simple decoration techniques introduced, I hope Xiaobian bring sharing can give you some references in the decoration, make better use of small apartment space. If you want to know about other decoration, you can pay attention to our website information.

Small apartment simple decoration

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