Various games of the bar

Many of my friends in the shop asked me about the style of the bar and the adjustment of the bar. After the integrated reply, I thought that I would like to collect some of the more common bar tables in the new catering and share with you. Friends in need can contact us, we can all be customized!

The unique design of the bar, perfectly matched with the ceiling, the overall style is the same, even if small, will make your shop do not have a flavor.

The open-style storefront is more suitable for this kind of industrial atmosphere, and the black high-end storefronts are the most popular ones.

Starbucks-style vertical stripes are simple, elegant and beautiful. Most of the bars in the main hall are oval or square. As the main display of the store, this type of bar must be given a higher sense of design.

Simple design, hidden in color, but the store has broken the balance of laws necessary, inconspicuous but important. The interior design of this kind of small bar is comprehensive, with a small single function, a simple and comfortable display surface, and a transparent counter to display exquisite snacks. This is the secret to open the same store.

Starbucks can be seen in the kung fu on the bar, and modern leanerism originated from the early 20th century in the West. The elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials of the program are simplified to a small degree, but the texture of the color and the material is demanding. Therefore, the space is small but very smooth and melodious, so as to win more, to simple win.

Well, in addition to these streamlined styles of modern bar, we also make some retro, industrial style. Presumably everyone should already have the bar that they want in mind. For the choice of style, you can ask a professional interior designer, according to your own preferences, and the overall style of the storefront, carry out the overall design, and we will also treat your store as a whole. Style and collocation to design and create a favorite bar with your style!

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