Waterproof paint what brand 2018 waterproof paint recommended by the top ten brands

Waterproof coating is indispensable in the decoration of a lack of a material, to know if the waterproof layer is not done, then the latter will give us a lot of inconvenience to life, so when choosing a waterproof coating must not be sloppy. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you the brands of waterproof coatings and the top ten brands of waterproof coatings in 2018.

1, Hongyuan

The waterproof coating produced by Hongyuan is a national-level credit enterprise. At the same time, we must know that this brand of asphalt shingle absorbs the style and characteristics of classical European tiles, and it can meet the requirements of different styles of buildings.

2. Oriental Yuhong

The Oriental Yuhong brand is the only listed company in this industry, and it is also a well-known trademark in China. It is a Chinese construction anti-faucet company, and its main production is waterproof coating.

3, Germany and Germany

What brand of waterproof coating, the brand of Germany and Germany that we believe it will not be unfamiliar to it, this brand is the earliest production of new environmentally friendly home waterproof material business, and its main product is a waterproof coating and dry mortar, it can be said It is also a leader in the industry.

4, Lei Bang Shi

This brand is the creator and advocate of the waterproof concept system. This brand is mainly used to produce household waterproofing, and it is also a brand that consumers have received.

5, Henkel

Henkel is a German brand. It is an international professional group in the field of applied chemistry, and it is a brand that belongs to a multinational corporation, and its popularity in China is also relatively loud.

6, Sika

Sika It is a Swiss brand. At the same time, this brand is also the world's leading supplier of construction chemical materials. The product category is also more a brand, this brand is still very good performance in some northern cities.

7. Mabe

This is a brand that belongs to Italy. And this brand is also the world's largest manufacturer of architectural rubber production, it is mainly dry mortar.

8, Keshun

This brand is a set of building waterproof material R & D, at the same time it is also a national high-tech enterprise in production and construction, the main brand of this brand is still mainly waterproof engineering.

9, Dean Mi

What brand of waterproof coating, this brand it is the domestic family of waterproof paint production earlier brand, and the brand's production of its series are more, but the lack of depth, the project to home improvement are good.

10. Longma

This brand is a relatively large building materials chemical company, and this brand is mainly to do decorative paste glue, in the past few years in the field of home waterproofing is still doing very well.

Summary: What are the brands of waterproof coatings and the related contents of the top ten brands of waterproof coatings in 2018? Introduced here, the above recommended brands are relatively well-known in the industry. Although some brands do better in tooling, when choosing Can be set according to their needs.

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