How does a waterproof paint bucket determine how good the paint quality is?

The paint is used more commonly in the decoration of a material, we know that there are many types of paint in the market, if you do not understand it, it is easy to buy poor quality products, so that you can not achieve the desired effect. The following Xiao Bian came to tell you how much a bucket of waterproof paint and how to distinguish the quality of the paint.

How much is a waterproof paint bucket

Waterproof paint prices are also based on its weight, for example, like 10kg its price is probably ranging from 180 to 250 yuan, while affecting its price is also a big relationship with the brand, to know that it is also divided into categories There are many kinds of liquid membranes and transparent waterproof adhesives. Then you can choose from many aspects. You must know that you don't necessarily choose expensive ones, you must choose the right ones, and you must consider them from the perspective of the environment so that you can achieve the desired effect.

How to distinguish the quality of paint

1, see test report

Generally speaking, it will have a test report for qualified paint products. At this time, consumers can ask the business when they choose. At this time, they must look at two important environmental protection indicators for paint, mainly the free TDI and benzene. The content of this, to remind you about the free TDI and benzene content of the product that the more secure the product.

2, find environmental protection products logo

Health and environmental protection products are currently the focus of people's choice. In general, environmental protection products are certified in a variety of ways. How to identify health and environmental protection products? Experts here to teach you about, to achieve health and environmental protection products, its packaging are certified by China's environmental protection products, there is such a sign you can rest assured to buy.

3, draw model

A good quality paint will have a higher hardness and a better scratch resistance. It will also not be scratchy when used. It will also play a good role in maintaining it. When you choose, you can try nails or paper on the model. The surface is stroked back and forth so that it can prove its good or bad.

4, than the transparency

Generally speaking, it is a good brand, it will have a store, the store will provide a product model experience. At this time, you can observe the transparency of the template at the time of selection. In general, the transparency of the paint is transparent, and the natural texture of the wood can be highlighted.

5, touch model

Is it good to paint? When you buy it, you just know it by touching it. Good paint solids content is relatively high, and when touched there is a delicate and smooth feeling. If it is a poor quality paint, it will not achieve this effect.

6, yellowing resistance

Resistance to yellowing is mainly an indicator of the paint's performance. If the paint has poor yellowing resistance, it will lead to discoloration of your furniture, which is also the most obvious in white paint and light paint.

Summary: How much is a bucket of waterproof paint and how to identify the quality of the paint is related to the content introduced to this, when it comes to waterproof paint its price, I believe we all know that the price factor is still more, the most important thing is to look at your choice What kind of product, if it is of good quality, is worth it.

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