Soft film ceiling installed soft film ceiling how to choose

The soft film ceiling is mainly composed of three parts: soft membrane, keel, buckle, and some use iron or stainless steel frame, etc., according to the specific circumstances. What are the soft film ceiling installation methods? The following small series briefly introduces the soft film ceiling installation method.

Soft film ceiling installation

1. Installation tools: long and short blade, paper cutter, gray knife, power cord, hair dryer, air gun, liquefied gas, glue

2. Construction points:

a. Before installation, check whether the keel, lamp holder, spray, tuyere, residue, wall, and shut-in can be installed. Check that the power cord, thread tip, showerhead, etc. are properly wrapped to prevent damage to the soft film.

b. Translucent film installation: Turn on the built-in light, whether the light is stable, whether there is chromatic aberration, whether the edge of the keel is leaking, install the soft film after clearing the residue, try to avoid the soft film contact with dirt, dust, etc., the entire process must ensure that the soft film The clean and tidy.

c. Flexible membrane installation: Find out the corresponding soft membrane, use air gun or hair dryer to coordinate to a reasonable heating deployment, the distance should not be too close, the temperature should not be too high, to prevent damage to the soft membrane. According to the installation of the diagonal and the opposite points, the buckles, corners, and smooth membranes are smooth and the welding seams are adjusted straight. During the installation process, you must pay attention to the protection of the soft membrane. Do not allow the soft membrane to touch the sharp and angular objects around it. Pay more attention to the damage of the blade to itself. After the blade is in the buckle seam, make sure that the blade and the slit are in firm contact. When pulling the keel into the groove, pay more attention to the uniformity of the strength. Do not use excessive force, otherwise the blade will slide out of the buckle and cause injury. Self or adjacent soft membrane.

d. Damage to the soft membrane: Use transparent glue to stick the cracks and find the same type of soft membrane repair.

3. The soft film arrives at the construction site, and the project manager or salesman receives the second payment according to the contract.

4. Late maintenance of the soft membrane: The soft membrane appears damaged later, and it is necessary to do its best to repair it, whether it is the party's own reason or our own reason. But when

Before maintenance, you must contact the person in charge of Party A, determine the maintenance date and maintenance plan, and maintain it after being approved by Party A. After the completion of maintenance, you should find the responsible person of Party A to the site for approval, and solve the problem in time.

Once installed, a square membrane of soft film ceiling can lie on to a person without problems. Do not look only 0.18MM, its flexibility is very good.

Information on the installation of soft film ceilings was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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