How to choose the right wall paint

House decoration is not a small problem, let alone the decoration of second-hand houses. There are many problems in second-hand house decoration that need attention. Recently, a friend asked what are the steps to paint the wall of the second-hand house? The transformation of the second-hand house wall paint is a tricky thing. There will be some problems in the transformation of the second-hand house wall paint. So let the editor introduce you to the steps of second-hand house wall paint and how to choose the right wall paint?

Steps to paint a wall in a second-hand house?

The renovation of the second-hand house wall paint is a tricky thing.The second-hand house wall paint transformation will have one or other problems.Therefore, the second-hand house wall paint must be cleaned before the renovation, and some original wall problems are repaired. . So what are the steps to paint the old walls of second-hand houses?

1. General old walls will have problems such as oil stains, dust, hollowing or cracks. Need to do some cleaning work on the wall. For the old wall surface, the floating dust should be removed first, and the sand and scalp skin should be removed. For the oil stained parts, the original coating should be removed first. Road.

2. It is better to use putty with higher particle fineness and harder texture. You can also add a certain amount of white latex to the putty to increase the hardness of the putty.

3. Try to use finer sandpaper. Generally, the softer putty (such as 821) uses 400-500 sandpaper, and the harder texture (such as wall lining, easy to flat) 360-400 is better. If sandpaper If it is too thick, it will leave deep sand marks, and the paint will not cover it. After polishing, be sure to clean the wall thoroughly to avoid too much dust and affect the adhesion of the paint. The difference between unevenness is not more than 3 mm.

4. The primer must be brushed evenly to ensure that the wall is brushed everywhere. If the wall has a large amount of paint, add a little more water to the primer to ensure that it can be evenly applied. Don't think it's enough to use a roller because it's a primer. The brushing effect of the primer will directly affect the effect of the topcoat. Use a roller with the same texture as the topcoat.

5 The topcoat is suitable for ordinary coating work here.Do not add too much water, which will affect the thickness, feel and hardness of the paint film.Try to choose a better tool.The hair of the roller should not be too short. But it must be fine, so that the paint film brushed will feel delicate, and the brushing should pay attention to the corner of the wall, the indirect stubble in each roll, and the direction of the paint collection.

6. Curing: After the latex paint is applied, it will dry in 4 hours, but the dried paint film has not yet reached a certain hardness, which requires care, it is very simple, do not have scrubbing or any contact with the wall within 7-10 days Face action.

How to choose the right wall paint?

1. Choose a brand. At present, the situation of counterfeit products in the paint market is serious. Almost all counterfeiting uses real barrels to fill fake paint, so that even if you call 800 anti-counterfeiting phone, you can find out that it is true, but it is only used by others who bought from outside The real goods are empty. Some fakes have fake covers, and some fakes even have real covers. Therefore, consumers should try to choose reputable regular dealers to buy paint products with corresponding brands when buying paint. If they find quality problems, they can complain and exchange goods in time. The most popular brands are Dulux, Nippon, Camel Paint and other brands.

2. Look at the packaging. Genuine packaging is generally free of paint, bumps, rust, etc., and has good sealing. At present, the covers of some fakes on the market are fake, and even some fakes are even true, but the general sealing cannot be as good as the real ones. In addition, we should pay more attention to the printing quality of the shelf life and production date. Fake goods generally scrape the date on the real barrel and leave some traces.

3. See if it is sufficient. According to reports, the amount of paint given by general genuine products will be filled according to different capacity specifications, and the general amount is relatively sufficient. Fake goods will generally do the "hands and feet" of cutting corners in capacity. According to this, consumers can take out each jar and shake it when buying. If there is a "half barrel of water" sound when it shakes, most of them indicate insufficient weight.

4. Look at the quality of the paint. Generally speaking, after being shaken by the special machine of the specialty store, the surface of the main paint will not appear hard skin, and it should be uniform in color, free of impurities, and have good fluidity. In terms of construction effect, the color of the wall should be uniform, with good coverage and mild smell.

The above is the steps for the second-hand house to paint the wall paint, how to choose the right wall paint. I believe you have a certain understanding of the steps of second-hand house wall painting and how to choose the right wall paint. Hope to help everyone.

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