[Types and use of carving knives] Six types of silk Ling Tan carving knives

To complete a piece of silk Ling Tan carving, you need to use different types of cutting tools to complete the operation. The techniques of using knives include horizontal knives, knives, picking knives, knives by knives, and playing knives, which need to be used flexibly. The technique of silk Ling Tan carving is especially important in practical application.

The first type: flat knife method

Flat knives are widely used. Large flat knives engrave large flat surfaces. The flat chisel is used to carve the place that is level with the chisel, the protruding part, the large surface trimming and the large surface cutting. The face carved with a flat chisel is sharp and sharp.

The second type: perfect round knife method

In the carving, the water pattern of the clothing pattern is extremely important, and the folds have changes in density, thickness, length, virtual and solid, and elasticity. To engrave rich texture changes, not only depends on the creator's design ability, but also needs to use various sizes The chisel cutters perform their due functions. The perfect round knife can engrave the convex arc shape, high and low shape

The third type: reverse round knife

Reverse round knife is used when roughing and roughing, the strength is easy to control. The texture of the concave and convex ridges can be carved, and the structure of the foot and knot is not easy to be flawed by using a round knife, and the edges and corners are more clear and mellow.

The fourth type: Yuwan knife oblique knife method

When carving animals, flowers, birds and birds, the light trimming carving often encounters dead ends, turning points, backhands, or unmanageable lines. This tool can play its unique role in this regard.

Fifth style: usage of triangular knife

The shape of the triangular knife is "V" shaped, and is used to engrave longer edges, grass folds, and silk feathers. Birds and poultry feathers with different scales corresponding to different scales should use tools with appropriate angles. In the process of holding the knife and walking the wire, the fingers must hold the handle firmly, the knife must be stable and not tremble, the distance between one hair and the next hair must be consistent, and there must be a certain curve at the end of the hair It becomes thinner at the end.

Sixth type: oblique knife method

The diagonal knife is at the corner of the flower and grass junction. It is difficult to effectively clean the dead corner with other knives. Using the angle of the diagonal knife and the strength of the wrist can effectively remove the burrs. (Source: Yiya Redwood)

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