High temperature summer reflex sun protection heat insulation cool Icy architectural paint

The hot weather of Futian is approaching. The hot summer days in all parts of the country are extremely high. The sun shines dazzlingly on the ground. The temperature is scorching like fire. The heat on the ground is like hot oil on the ground. The atmospheric temperature is hot, as if everything is going to burn. Few people can see people walking or working on the street, on the construction site, and in the fields. People avoid direct sunlight, avoid high temperatures and hide in the house to cool off.

However, some buildings do not have enough heat insulation in the summer. Especially after the sun shines on buildings such as the top-floor building, color steel plate room, tin room, and glass room, the indoor temperature will rise linearly. The maximum temperature can reach 40°C and people will feel stuffy. The breathlessness, the rapid heartbeat, the dullness of the heart, and the high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases make it impossible for people to cool off in these buildings during the heat. Some buildings will increase the use of air conditioners when the temperature rises in summer at high temperatures. However, experts emphasize that some middle-aged and young people and children are advised not to spend long periods of time in air-conditions, but may also induce stroke, cerebral insufficiency, or "air conditioning. The onset of illness, etc. Therefore, maintaining the indoor temperature between 26°C and 28°C is the best living environment for people.

According to report, some roofs, color steel plates, and glass houses in Beijing have been painted with a kind of reflective sunscreen and thermal insulation paint. After painting the paint, the indoor temperature can be reduced by more than 5°C, and the highest temperature can be reduced by 15°C. Experienced a moment, did not open air conditioning indoor temperature is very low, color plate does not brush ZS-221 reflection sunscreen insulation coating temperature at 60 °C, brush coating temperature at 38 °C, this coating is really amazing, Allows people to experience the cool in summer.

Then the reporter also found this kind of paint manufacturer, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd., according to the company's sales manager introduced, ZS-221 reflection sunscreen insulation coating is a set of high reflection of sunlight, residual heat radiation of buildings and hollow bead heat insulation With one-piece reflex sunscreen insulation coating, in the hot summer, the paint heat insulation and cooling can reach 25°C, the coating water-based environmental protection and energy-saving, and the technology leading in the world. The Manager also mentioned that the energy saving rate of this kind of coating is very high and has been well received and approved by the relevant government departments. It has been widely used in some large projects.

During the hot summer days, the advancement of science and technology, the introduction of new products, and the construction of reflective sunscreen and heat insulation coatings can bring people unparalleled cooling and icy, healthy, comfortable and peaceful.

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